Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Spot or Big Star?

Okay, I know that it is less than a week after Christmas, but I want to talk about Kenosha’s favorite drive-ins. Thanks to one of DK’s most prolific forum contributors, “aaa” and his frequent references to Big Star, I have had drive-in cuisine on my mind. Not that it takes a whole lot to get me thinking of food, but our friend “aaa” has given me even more impetus to do so.

First of all let’s make it clear that there is a definite difference between a drive-in and a fast food restaurant. There are fast food joints all over America. In fact they are all over the world. You would be hard pressed to go anywhere and not find a McDonalds, Burger King or KFC. But go to those same places and try to find a Big Star or Spot. It’s just not going happen.

Fast food is fast food, no matter where you are. A Whopper is a Whopper and a Big Mac is a Big Mac, whether you are in Kenosha, Wisconsin or Los Angeles, California. But a Big Star double-cheeseburger is unique to our fair city, as is the Spot’s. We are fortunate to have two one-of-a-kind drive-in restaurants to choose from. But which do you prefer?

Having a rough time making up your mind? It used to be a lot tougher. Back in the ‘70s there were at least five drive-ins to choose from. Besides The Spot and Big Star, there was also A&W, Chat ‘n’ Chew and the legendary Fon Tan Blu. Each had it’s own distinct style and menu. And each featured things that stick out in my memory.

A&W was on Roosevelt Road and 30th Avenue. It has since become Andy’s Drive In. It has become more of a sit-down establishment, although they will provide service to your car if you leave your headlights on. Back in the day it was strictly a drive-in that featured carhops. I remember driving by and reading the daily special posted on the tall roadside sign. You couldn’t beat a one-dollar pizza burger.

Located on 52nd Street and 40th Avenue was Chat ‘n’ Chew. I don’t quite recall when it went out of business but I do remember the fragrant aroma that the small building exuded. The smell was different from any that of the other drive-ins. Like the other drive-ins, it stayed open late. I can recollect working at Burger King and heading over to the “Chew” with the gang after we got done closing up. Its focal point was an enormous billboard that doubled as a menu.

Kitty corner from Holy Rosary church was the Fon Tan Blu. The oddly shaped blue building was a destination spot for softball players who had been enjoying adult beverages after their game. It was not uncommon to have your burger or “Soakie” prepared by none other then Kenosha’s premiere double-play combination, Nick Perrine and Dick Laba. Mama Perrine’s Italian Bombers were second to none. Fon Tan Blu is terribly missed.

Alas, venerable institutions like Chat ‘n’ Chew and Fon Tan Blu no longer grace our hometown. In my humble opinion, with all due respect to Andy’s, Kenosha only has two true drive-ins. Restaurants that are primarily set up to serve you without leaving your car. The Spot and the Big Star are the two remaining survivors. And both have their loyal legion of supporters. Which of the two do you prefer? They both have their pros and cons.

The biggest difference between the two is the hours of operation. As I write this column, Big Star is “Closed for the Season.” While on the south side of town the carhops at The Spot have donned their long johns and are waiting on cars into the wee hours of the frigid morning.

Big Star is typically open from March until the Sunday before Labor Day and is closed on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Its normal hours of operation are 11:00 AM until 11:00 PM. Their cross-town rival opens at the same time, but stays open until 3:00 AM during the week and 3:30 AM on Friday and Saturday. Perhaps Big Star subscribes to the theory that “absence makes the heart fonder”, or in this case the taste buds.

Both of the popular eateries are located on busy thoroughfares. The Spot at the intersection of 75th Street and 22nd Avenue, while Big Star is directly across from Time Warner on Washington Road. Because of the traffic, coupled with their popularity, getting in and out of the parking lots can be a bit dicey at both drive-ins. But their scrumptious food makes it well worth the hassle.

Both Big Star and The Spot are known for their flavorful root beer and make it available in gallon jugs. The only drawback to the tasty, sugary beverage is the swarms of bees that it attracts during the summertime. I think the carhops should be eligible for hazard pay during bee season.

Another delight that each of the two carry is ice cream. The Spot currently features six different “hand-packed” flavors with Big Star offering soft serve cones of the vanilla, chocolate and twist varieties. If you enjoy rich and creamy ice cream, The Spot is for you, but be prepared to pay for the frozen treat.

The menus are similar at both restaurants, offering burgers, fish, chicken, etc. The burgers come in an array of sizes with Big Star tempting your appetite with a half-pounder. It should be noted both places have steak sandwiches on the menu. Having enjoyed both, I must report that Big Star’s is closer to an actual piece of steak, while Spot’s is more like Salisbury steak. Advantage to Big Star on the steak sandwich.

Another thing that is offered on both menus is a grilled cheese sandwich. Big Star’s is very tasty and cut on the diagonal, just like mom used to do. On the other hand, the last time I had a grilled cheese at The Spot, it was made on a hamburger bun! Maybe it has changed since then, but a hamburger bun for a grilled cheese sandwich? Please!

The last menu item that I will comment on is the double-cheeseburger, a standard that any good drive-in can be judged on. This is a tough one for me. They both have their own special qualities. Both get very high grades in my book.

The freshness of the ingredients that make up a Spot double-cheeseburger is second to none. The meat appears to have been ground and formed into a patty moments before hitting the grill. If you like your onions grilled, you will love the ample amount slathered on this sandwich. The only downside to this taste delight is that too much of the cheese sticks to the wrapper! But I am nitpicking. The Spot double-cheeseburger is outstanding.

Big Star’s double-cheeseburger is no slouch either. It too draws rave reviews for its unparalleled taste. There truly is nothing like a Big Star double-cheeseburger. The simple reason is the cheese! Some call it a cheese sauce, or Cheese Whiz and I have heard from others that it is actually Velveeta. Whatever it is, it’s good! And packaging the yummy sandwich in a Styrofoam container solves the oozing cheese problem. You just wait for it to cool and dig it out with your finger.

Well, there you have it. I guess you want to know which double-cheeseburger I prefer. I guess it matters on how much money I have in my pocket or how hungry I am. You see, the thing is, a double-cheeseburger at The Spot will run you about twice as much as its counterpart at Big Star. But they are both great and unique to Kenosha. With that in mind, I am calling it a toss up.

I will be interested to see where others stand on this not-so-earth-shattering subject. Which of these exceptional drive-ins do you prefer? Now, I’m not Lou Rugani, so I can only write about the ones that I do remember. Did I leave out any of your favorites from days gone by? Let me know. Maybe next time I can discuss a subject that I am truly an expert on – Kenosha pizza! Until then…

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tis the Season…

The holiday season is here and Christmas is right around the corner. This season means different things to different people. What this season means to television viewers is an onslaught of holiday programming. Everything from Christmas themed sitcoms to movie classics like, “It's A Wonderful Life.” We all have our favorites and they will be on the air at one time or another. Here are my favorite Christmas movies and television programs.

Being more of a television-guy than a movie-guy, I will save my television choices for last and start with the holiday movies. Movies of the holiday-ilk can be separated into two groups - the classics and the contemporary.

Making Moviefone’s 25 Best Christmas Movies of All Time list are these contemporary movies:

“A Christmas Story” (1983)
“Scrooged” (1988)
“National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation” (1989)
“Home Alone” (1990)
“The Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993)
“The Santa Clause” (1994)
“Elf” (2003)
“Bad Santa” (2003)

From that same list are these classic movies:

“Babes in Toyland” (1934)
“Christmas in Connecticut' (1942)
“Holiday Inn” (1942)
'”It's a Wonderful Life” (1946)
“Miracle on 34th Street” (1947)
“The Bishop's Wife” (1947)
“A Christmas Carol” (1951)
“White Christmas” (1954)
“We’re No Angels” (1955)

I will be honest with you, like I said I am not much of a movie-guy, so I have only seen one of the movies from the contemporary list. I know, I know, but surprisingly enough it is one of my top three. The other two on my list are from the classics list, of which I have seen every one of them.

My top three Christmas movies:

1. We’re No Angels
2. A Christmas Story
3. It’s a Wonderful Life

We’re No Angels is a heartwarming movie. It is in my DVD player as I write this column. Here is a quick synopsis: Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray and Peter Ustinov play three escaped inmates who hatch a plan to steal from a shopkeeper on Christmas. But their plans change when they find themselves actually growing to like their target and his family. Besides, the luckless merchant is apparently about to lose his shirt, as his business is unraveling. So, instead of robbing him, the convicts decide to help him, a mission that proves wildly complicated. Please do yourself a favor and make an effort to see this movie. You will not be disappointed.

Here are my best-loved Christmas television programs, an area that I am much more qualified in. Every sitcom that you can think of has had a Christmas-themed episode. The Bob Newhart Show, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Threes Company, Friends and Seinfeld have all featured a holiday episode. Who can forget Frank Costanza celebrating Festivus on Seinfeld? Then there are the numerous Christmas specials; even Martha Stewart has treated us to one of these.

With the huge collection to choose from, here are my top five Christmas-themed television programs:

1. The Andy Griffith Show (1960)
2. Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol (1962)
3. Dick Van Dyke (1963)
4. Hardrock Coco and Joe (1952)
5. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

The Andy Griffith episode entitled, "The Christmas Story", will surely warm the cockles of your heart. I know each time I watch it my cockles get toasty. Here is a quick synopsis:

On Christmas Eve, department store owner Ben Weaver insists Andy jail moonshiner Jim Muggins. Weaver has brought along a jug of moonshine as evidence of Jim's wrongdoing. Andy complies with Weaver's request but feels it's only fair that Jim's wife Bess and his two young children be incarcerated as well, since they all had knowledge of Jim's moonshining. With the Muggins family in jail, Andy, Barney, Aunt Bee, Ellie, and Opie prepare a feast with all the trimmings for the family and decorate a Christmas tree. Peeping at the window, Ben Weaver is touched with the Christmas spirit and tries to get himself arrested in order to join the fun. Andy only arrests Weaver, however, after he dumps a garbage can in the alley. Together, the men appear at the door of the jail with a suitcase full of gaily-wrapped gifts from Ben's store. Ben is welcomed and regaled with food and drink. Weaver falls asleep in one of the jail cells after finishing the jug of Jim's moonshine.

Those are my lists. I am sure, as with all lists, I have left off many of your choices. If the spirit should move you, leave your lists in the DK forum section. Merry Christmas to all DK users…Until Next Time.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Survivor Gabon Finale

Survivor Gabon Finale - WARNING! Possible Show Spoilers In This Column! The 17th season of the award-winning Survivor came to an end last night. Two Immunity Challenges narrowed the final five to an optimistic trio vying for the title of Sole Survivor and the one million dollars that accompany that honor. In addition, the Sprint Player of the Season was announced during the reunion show that followed the finale. This winner of this distinction earned $100,000.

The first Immunity Challenge saw Bob, the 57-year-old physics teacher; win for a record tying fifth straight time. Pin-up model Sugar took a distant second place. The contestants had to collect puzzle pieces by digging, crawling and conquering two different mazes. After gathering all the pieces, the players had to create a replica of a Gabonese hut. All of this in order to stay alive in the quest for survival.

At Tribal Council Rat Boy Kenny was surprisingly confident until Jeff Probst started his accustomed instigating. When the matter of Bob promising him the Immunity Idol came up, Rat Boy questioned the physic teacher’s honor. Bob told the 22-year-old “professional gamer” that he changed his mind when he got wind of Rat Boy’s plan to backstab him. The vote was taken and Rat Boy was exterminated.

In between Tribal Council and the second Immunity Challenge, the final four, Sugar, Matty, Susie and Bob, honored the 14-tribe members that had been eliminated. They collected a mask for each contestant while a short video of that person was shown. It should be noted that during Ace’s vignette, his accent was not present!

The final Immunity Challenge required that the Survivors make a 10-foot house of cards using 200 wooden tiles within a 30-minute time limit. If no one made it to 10 feet, the tallest structure at the end of 30 minutes won immunity. Susie, the 47-year-old teacher/hairdresser, was victorious, creating a formation standing over eight feet tall. The victory gave the normally inconspicuous Susie immunity and a spot in the final three.

Back at camp Susie can’t keep her mouth shut and tells Bob that he is gone. She goes on and on with Matty piling on. The usually even-tempered Bob finally tells her to shut up and goes off to be alone. Sugar starts crying, realizing that she must choose between eliminating Matty and Bob. As Susie continues to blather, they collectively wonder where Bob has gone.

At an emotional Tribal Council, Probst prompts each remaining Survivor to reveal what their rationale will be for the upcoming vote. Matty and Susie both say the obvious pick is eliminating Bob, that he would be too hard to defeat at the Final Tribal Council before the jury. When Sugar is asked, she bursts into tears and explains that she looks at Matty like a brother and Bob as a father figure. This moves everyone and brings Bob to tears. Obviously, once again, Sugar has become the swing vote.

The four remaining Nobag members cast their votes. Probst reveals the vote, with the first two going to the venerable Bob. The third vote is for young Matty. With the music rising dramatically, Probst reveals, “That we have a tie.” When there is a tie, in Survivor tradition, there is a fire-building contest. The first competitor to start and sustain a fire substantial enough to burn a rope above it wins the final spot up for grabs. Remember when Bob had wondered off to be alone, prior to Tribal Council? Being a fan of Survivor, he knew hat it could come down to a fire-building contest. He was practicing! His practice paid off and he won easily, with Matty never even getting a flame. The final three was set – Susie, Sugar and Bob. Now it was time for the Final Tribal Council before the jury.

The Final Tribal Council

After three rather mundane opening statements, it was now time for the members of the jury to have their go at the trio of finalists.

Charlie – asked Sugar and Susie why he should vote for them. Susie said because she always tried and was still trying. Duh. Sugar gave an even stupider response, “I don’t know.” When he got to Bob, he talked about spooning and cuddling. It kind of creeped me out. I thought this was CBS, not Bravo.

Crystal - yelled at Susie about getting this far by riding the coattails of others. Then she went after Bob, berating him. The Olympic Gold Medalist then asked Sugar why she voted her off, to which the pin-up model replied, “You’re a bully.” Well said Sugar.

Kenny - started off by asking Susie, “Why you?” Susie responded by saying, “Because I am average.” Helluva reason Susie! Rat boy then told Sugar that she had scarred him for life by voting him off. Sugar’s response? You guessed it! She cried! With Bob he started whining about the Immunity deal. Blah, blah, blah…

Corinne – told Susie that she would vote for her if she promised to use the money to have her vocal chords removed. She then asked Bob to be nasty for once in his life. Seems Corinne likes nasty. She proved this by ripping Sugar apart with a tirade that ended with telling her to take a handful of anti-depressants the next time she decides to cry about her recently deceased father. Sugar flipped her off. Way to go Sugar!

Marcus - was very esoteric, telling Susie she wasted her opportunity to be a role model for mothers everywhere. He then asked Sugar, if she won, to use some of the money to honor her late dad. Bob should have exerted more control, in Dr. Marcus’ humble opinion.

Randy – began by shouting, “All three of you can kiss my ass!” His line of questioning went downhill from there, asking Susie why she felt sorry for him and Bob and Sugar why they laughed at him. For a guy who once declared himself the “King of Gabon”, he sure has a lot of issues.

Matty – was the final juror to interrogate the finalists. Unfortunately, he chose to ask the ubiquitous, “Why are the other two more deserving than yourself” question. Bob, ever the wise old sage, replied, “They aren’t!” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Now it was time for the jury to cast their ballots. After the voting, during which Randy’s comments had to be bleeped out, we were transferred, through the magic of television, to the live reunion show. Host Probst welcomed everyone and proceeded to read the votes for the last time. Susie took the early lead, with 3 votes to 1 for Bob. The next two went to Bob, tying the score. After a dramatic pause, Probst announced that Bob was the sole survivor of Survivor Gabon and winner of one million dollars. GOOD (Bob) had indeed triumphed. This time it was over NONDESCRIPT (Susie). Curiously enough, Sugar garnered nary a vote. Final tally Bob – 4, Susie – 3 and Sugar – 0.

The reunion show was fairly entertaining, revealing that Corinne was truly a mean and nasty person in real life. She even complained that she was not portrayed as negatively as she should have been. Randy really is bitter, but in a fun, lovable way. Honest. Crystal produced her 2004 Olympic Gold Medal to prove her athletic prowess. Too bad for her it didn’t show while in Gabon. Ace, using his best British accent, assured everyone that it was indeed genuine and that he was born in England. Bob added to his loot by winning the Sprint Player of the Season as voted by the viewers.

Season 17 of Survivor started slowly, but developed into one of my favorites seasons ever. It featured numerous twists and the challenges were always fresh and interesting each week. GOOD came out on top and we were introduced to Sugar the pin-up model. What more could a Survivor fan ask for? Until Next Time…From Tocantins.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Survivor Gabon - Recap Eleven

Survivor Gabon Week 11 Recap - WARNING! Possible Show Spoilers In This Column! Another great episode! Season 17 has whittled down the original field of eighteen competitors to the final five. The power shifted tonight with an unlikely tribe member declaring this a battle between GOOD and EVIL! Read on to find out which side triumphed.

Although this season that started out slowly, the pace has definitely picked up! Tonight’s episode opens with the Survivors returning from the last Tribal Council where Corinne was voted off. Matty bickers with Rat Boy Kenny, who quickly spews his venom towards Bob for faking him out with the bogus Immunity Idol. Bob, being the decent human being that he is, promises to give Kenny the Immunity Idol if he wins it again. Rat Boy is pleased with this.

The Reward Challenge requires the Survivors to navigate an obstacle course made up of swamp, cargo netting, balance beams and inner tubes. Once they make it through that mess, they grab a ball and return to what amounts to a pop-a-shot game. They then must shoot their ball into the hoop. Once they accomplish that feat, they must repeat it all over again. The first Survivor to sink three baskets wins reward.

Want to know what they are playing for? The victor receives a helicopter trip to a wild gorilla sanctuary, along with a meal, shower and clean clothes. Plus, they get to send someone to Exile Island. Bob, the 57-year-old physics teacher, narrowly edges out Matty and Rat Boy. None of the women sink a single ball, not even Olympic Gold Medalist Crystal.

Bob, who sends Susie to Exile Island, is allowed to choose two additional tribe members to accompany him on the reward. He chooses Rat Boy and the Olympic Gold Medalist. While they dine, strategy is discussed. Rat Boy gets Bob to reassure him that he will turn over the Idol, should he win it at the Immunity Challenge. Over at Exile Island, Susie opts for comfort, knowing full well that Sugar has the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Upon returning to camp Nobag, Rat Boy and the Olympic Champion start yelling at Matty and telling him that he better win Immunity, otherwise he is the next to leave. Sugar, the pinup model, hears this and is enraged! She corners Matty and tells him that Kenny (Rat Boy) and Crystal (Olympic Gold Medalist) are EVIL and have been lying all along. She is determined to see GOOD come out on top.

Next up is the all-important Immunity Challenge. The Survivors must crawl under a maze made up of ropes and bring back a total of three bags of puzzle pieces to replicate a Gabonese Warrior mask. The trick is they are blindfolded! This spells doom for our Olympic Gold Medalist as she wonders aimlessly off the course, looking quite ridiculous. Susie doesn’t fair much better and it comes down to Matty and Bob. Bob miraculously wins his fourth consecutive challenge and the Immunity that goes with it.

Back at camp, Rat Boy reminds Bob about their deal. They agree that if Rat Boy feels threatened at Tribal Council, Bob will indeed turn the Immunity over to Rat Boy. Of course Rat Boy decides to double-cross Bob and gets the equally wicked Olympic Gold Medalist to go along with the plan. They tell Sugar of their diabolical scheme and she nods her head in agreement. Sugar, in turn, corners Bob and tells him what is going down. She said she wants to be aligned with the GOOD guys, that EVIL should never win! They must stop EVIL! Bob listens intently, but is not sure who to believe or what to do, making for a great Tribal Council.

The discussion at Tribal Council begins in typical fashion until Susie actually speaks! I don’t think this qualifies as a twist, but it is certainly unexpected. Matty admits how vulnerable he feels. As Jeff Probst continues questioning the six finalists, Rat Boy divulges the deal he has with Bob. This shocks no one, except Probst, who then says it’s time to vote and asks if Bob wants to turn his Immunity over to Rat Boy Kenny. The tension mounts!

Bob pauses briefly before giving his decision. He says, “I would give it to Kenny if I thought he was threatened tonight. But I do not, so I will keep it.” The Rat Boy is crestfallen and the Olympic Gold Medalist’s eyes bulge out in utter disbelief. It is now time to vote.

Before Probst reads the votes, there is the matter of anyone having the Hidden Immunity Idol, which Sugar produces and turns over to Matty. Major Twistage! Probst inspects it and declares it authentic. This means that all votes cast for Matty will not count. Words cannot describe the looks on the faces of Rat Boy and the Olympic Gold Medalist. The votes are read and the first two are worthless because they are for the Immune Matty. The next four are for Crystal, the Olympic Gold Medalist and her torch is extinguished. She is the thirteenth person voted off of Survivor Gabon.

In this episode, GOOD triumphed over EVIL, a rarity in this thing we call reality television and it was refreshing. I must apologize at this time for never giving pinup model Sugar her due. In the past I have referred to her as an airhead and being dimwitted. Kudos to you Sugar, I am sorry. Sunday is the big finale for Survivor Gabon, with the reunion show to follow. I can’t wait to see if Ace uses his accent. Because of the late finish, my recap will be on Monday. Until then…From Gabon.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Survivor Gabon - Recap Ten

Survivor Gabon Week 10 Recap - WARNING! Possible Show Spoilers In This Column! What a great episode tonight. I felt it was one of the best of season 17. This one had it all; triple twists, double crosses and it even had a…well, keep reading if you want to find out!

The show opens with Bob telling the “Fab Five” that they shouldn’t have been so rude to Randy when they voted him out at the last Tribal Council. Then Corinne, the ever-bitter one, went off on Sugar. When alone and talking to the camera, Corinne comments. “I am in a camp of mutants.” The battle lines are definitely drawn. Classy Bob and the rancorous Corinne against the “Fab Five” of rat-boy Kenny, Matty, pinup model Sugar, Susie and the athletically challenged Olympic champion Crystal.

The Reward Challenge divides the contestants into teams of three for part one. Tied together, the must run through a swamp and gather gear-like wooden puzzle pieces. Once they have collected all the parts, they must assemble the puzzle. If done correctly the gears will turn and raise a victory flag.

The members of the winning team then go head-to-head and must solve a sliding puzzle. Want to know what they are playing for? They get pizza, beer, brownies and get to watch a video message from their loved one on a Sprint phone. The twist is the loved ones are not there, just the video message from them.

They choose teams and since no one but Bob can stand Corinne; she is left out, with no chance to win the challenge. The team of Bob, Sugar and Crystal defeat Matty, Kenny and Susie in the first portion of the challenge. Bob makes quick work of the second puzzle, winning easily over the dimwitted duo of Sugar and Crystal.

While enjoying his victory meal, Bob watches a video message from his wife. Out of nowhere, his lovely bride appears and they embrace. Another twist! They walk back to camp and the other Survivors run to meet them. Bob, pauses, whistles and everyone's loved ones come out of the jungle. The rare triple twist! Never have all the loved ones been allowed to hang out at camp!

During the historic moment, Susie and Crystal spend time with their respective men, while Corinne catches up with her brother. Meanwhile, Kenny tells his sister of his nefarious plot to win it all and Sugar, along with her sister, throws the ashes of her recently deceased father into the lake. Matty, in another Survivor first, takes the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend! She says yes and they make out. All this and we haven’t even made it to the Immunity Challenge!

The Immunity Challenge is a combination of Gabon Jeopardy and bocce. The competitors must correctly answer questions about Gabon to earn balls for the bocce portion of the challenge. Having earned their balls (that doesn’t sound right), the participants make their way over to a huge hill where the must toss their orbs (better?) bocce style at a sand target at he bottom. The Survivor coming closest to the center wins Immunity. Once again Bob, the 57-year-old physics teacher, is triumphant.

Back at camp, Bob and his lone ally Corinne come up with a self-described “hair brained” plan to keep Corinne around. Bob, being the craftsman that he is, designs yet another fake Immunity Idol. Now they have to convince two members of the “Fab Five” that it is authentic and to join them in the blindsiding of Matty.

Rat-boy Kenny, being a little worm, jumps at the opportunity. Crystal, just happy to screw someone, eagerly agrees as well. Kenny, not satisfied with just stabbing Matty in the back, concocts a plan to also double-cross Bob and Corinne. He presents his plan to Crystal, telling her to vote for Corinne. This will force her to use the “Idol” and Matty will still get the ax. Nice guy this Kenny.

Tribal Council is suspenseful, not knowing which way Crystal will vote. Jeff Probst starts antagonizing the Survivors, getting them to discuss paranoia. Each one admits they are paranoid to some extent as they wonder whom they can trust. The votes are then cast. Will it be Matty or will it be Corinne?

Before Probst reads the votes, he announces that if anyone has an Immunity Idol, they should present it now. Kenny and Crystal both stare at Corinne, anxiously waiting for her to whip it out. When she doesn’t, Probst reads the votes. The vote goes back and forth until it is 3 for Matty and 3 for Corinne. Then Probst utters those fateful words, “The twelfth person voted off of Gabon is…Corinne.”

Next week should be another stellar show. Both Bob and Kenny have some explaining to do! The coming attractions show Kenny jumping all over Bob about the bogus Immunity Idol and Sugar finally realizing that Kenny has been lying to everybody. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait! Until Next Time…From Gabon.