Monday, June 27, 2011

What’s In A Middle Name?

I have always loved my middle name, Enrico. Not only does it reflect on my Italian heritage but also, more importantly, it is in honor of my grandfather, Enrico Vagnoni. Translated, Enrico is Henry. What a great name! Growing up, I was often reminded by brothers Mike and Joey, that I got the cool middle name. In fact, they often complained about the middle names that they were saddled with. I know that Enrico is quite distinguished, but the names Gerard and Francis aren’t that bad. Are they?

As much as Michael Gerard Vagnoni and Joseph Francis Vagnoni grumbled about their middle names, they could have done much worse, they really could have. If you don’t think so, please read on.

Take for example some of the middle names that some of the gang from Koos Inc. had to deal with:

Glen Lamont Ekern
John August Peters
Jim Ruben Weber
Harry Richard Leipzig

While the first three are obviously unusual middle names, you are probably asking yourself what’s so odd with Harry’s. Please keep in mind that we were a rather sophomoric group at Koos and that there is a rather common nickname for Richard. Think about it. See, I told you that we were juvenile.

Athletes are another group that sport unique middle names. Consider the monikers that these Green Bay Packers were given:

Bryan Bartlett Starr
Henry Wendell Jordan
Boyd Hamilton Dowler
Robert DeLafayette Jeter
Jermichael Decorean Finley

I couldn’t ignore baseball. Obviously football players didn’t corner the market on peculiar middle names. Check these out:

Cecil Randolph Hundley (better known as Randy Hundley)
Don Eulon Kessinger
Cecil Celester Cooper
Benjamin Ambrosio Oglivie
Will Nuschler Clark

Pretty strange, huh? Well, none of them come to close to that of former Milwaukee Brewer pitching coach Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish. McLish was named for Calvin Coolidge, Julius Caesar, and Tuskahoma, Oklahoma. He has stated that the origin of his lengthy name is that his father was given permission to name his newborn son and took full advantage of the opportunity.

And finally, celebrities with bizarre middle names. A couple of these are so eccentric that I had to make sure to let you know who they were. The Celebs:

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger
Leslie Townes Hope (Bob Hope)
Harry Lillis Crosby (Bing Crosby)
Edward Bridge Danson III (Ted Danson)
Truman Streckfus Persons (Truman Capote)
John Uhler Lemmon III (Jack Lemmon)

See, I told you that there were some rather unconventional middle names out there. These were much more uncommon than either Gerard or Francis. Don’t you think?

While I am quite aware that Michael Gerard Vagnoni and Joseph Francis Vagnoni were never overjoyed with the middle names that our very Catholic parents gave them, they should realize something. Not everyone can be baptized Paul Enrico Vagnoni.

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Leplume said...

You can't claim cool names as a purely Italian Catholic thing, Paulie! I was raised Polish/Irish Catholic and we have some names, lemme tell ya! Here's my family in order of birth:
Verda Ann Kelleher
Bryant John Kelleher
Kathleen Marie Kelleher
Terese Lee Kelleher
Patrice Kay Kelleher
and me? Bet you thought I was just Mary, right? WRONG! I am Mary Elizabeth Kelleher but no one calls me that! They call me Mary Beth. That's something weird from my Dad's side. His real name was Vivian Bryant Kelleher. Everyone called him Kelly but not his siblings...they called him Sonny! Go figure! LOL

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Elizabeth is one of those names that has multiple variations! I am jealous. Kelleher? Are you kin to former Cub, Mick Kelleher?

sue said...

Very interesting.There are sure some strange middle names there and even stranger first names that are not used. I think the strangest set of names though are the Celebs. Don't think I better go into our lot of middle names except to say that three of the boys have no middle names. 'Til next time Paul Enrico....

Anonymous said...

No, but Mick Killingher was once indicted for that namesake crime. I can't believe you didn't include Brett Lorenzo Favre. You must really hate him.

Kool Papa

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Sue, did your parents run out of names by the time they got to the boys?

John, Brett who? I wonder what the "J" stands for in Jack J. Johnson?

sue said...

Not sure if they ran out of names or not but Debbie ended up with a middle name so perhaps they did.

Susan "SB2" said...

Hey Paul, my mom said she lucked out compared to her two closest sisters. Mom - Janet May Freitag, my Aunts, Alice Ethel Frietag and Eleanor Bertha Frietag.


Paul E. Vagnoni said...

I agree, May is much nicer than Ethel and Bertha. Sheesh!