Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Is Lent Over Yet?

As I stated yesterday, Lent is more than halfway over. For my Lenten penance, I traditionally abstain from pizza. Any of you that know me well, realize that this is a true sacrifice for me. Pizza is easily my favorite food. That is why it is what I choose to abstain from during the 40 days of Lent. Those long 40 days of Lent. Those extremely long 40 days of Lent.

Is Lent over with yet?

I remember the first time I explained why I give up pizza to Bev, my friend from England. At first, I think she thought I was crazy. However, the next time I spoke with Bev, she proudly announced that she was giving up crisps for Lent. I should explain that crisps are what the English call any sort of potato chips and Bev enjoys her crisps as much as I do my pizza.

That was eight years ago and Bev has abstained from crisps each Lent since then. And she’s not even Catholic, just a very dear friend.

On April 21, the day after Easter, I will be ordering a pizza. And I can’t wait. Living in Kenosha I have well over 30 pizzerias to choose from. What a wonderful conundrum! Which one will I order from? Hmm…

Actually it’s not that hard of a choice for me. I have three “go-to” pizzerias, my top choices if you will. Remarkably, my selection was made for me. Before I explain how that can be, let me list my top 10 list.

My Top 10 Kenosha Pizzerias
1. Sal’s
2. Valeo’s
3. Pa’s
4. Luigi’s Pizza
5. DeRango’s
6. Rocky Rococo
7. Casa Capri
8. Jimano’s
9. Infusino’s
10. Kaiser’s

That’s my current list and has been for quite awhile. As I said, the first three are the places that I most often patronize. The quality is so close that I usually rotate among the three. So why is my choice so simple on April 21? Easy – Sal’s and Pa’s are closed on Mondays. Therefore, my abstinence will be broken with a delicious pie from Valeo’s. Sal’s and Pa’s will have to wait a few days.

Before I end this discussion about Kenosha pizzerias, I would like to make one more point. While our fair city is blessed with an abundance of fine pizza restaurants, there are actually three that I avoid like the plague. One is because their pizza is lousy; the second because of their management and the third is guilty of both – lousy pizza and bad management. I’m not naming names, but I will never give any of this trio my business.

With that out of the way, I have one question. Is Lent over yet?

Until next time…from the booth.


Alaska Karen said...

Man, 40 days and nights can be a looong time. I always give up sweets, meaning pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, donuts, creamy filled anything, get the idea. And no allowing jello, "breakfast" pop tarts etc. in either. I am seriously into organic and non-processed foods, so I don't buy commercial junk foods, but I am a serious baker. Thus, I not only give up the eating of the goodies, I also give up the baking. I LOVE to bake. Double whammy.
On the more strictly spiritual side, I am reading my bible daily(completed Matthew and Mark so far) and trying to pray the rosary more consistently as well. I have rosary's in the front room, the bedroom, my car, my coat pocket and my purse. I also have a nice CD to play and pray along with in the car. I am enjoying reading a daily devotions leather bound book I purchased to encourage me to spend time with the Lord. It takes effort, no doubt about it. But it sure is satisfying.
Congrats on giving up the pizza.
Blessings, Paul.

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

It sounds like your system for praying is similar to mine. It does take effort, but it is very satisfying.