Thursday, January 14, 2010

It Won’t Be Long Now!

Last Friday, in the Kenosha News Entertainment section, there was an article previewing “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains”. I immediately called Fellow Survivor Geek Auntie Janet to see if she had seen it. Her reply was, “Oh yes Paulie, I saw it, I have it marked on my calendar.”

Earlier this month Fellow Survivor Geek Karen R. lamented on facebook that “So sad…the neighbors turned off their Christmas lights and the yard looks so dark now.” In an effort to pick up her spirits, I reminded her that Survivor starts February 11. Her reply was, “Wow, Survivor starts February 11 already! That is something to look forward to.”

In case you haven’t marked your calendar like FSG Auntie Janet, I am proud to announce that the twentieth season of the award-winning reality show premiers four short weeks from tonight. As the title indicates, this season pits former competitors separated into Hero and Villain tribes.

The Heroes side of the island will be occupied by Rupert Boneham (“Pearl Islands”, “All-Stars”); James Clement (“China”, “Micronesia”); Colby Donaldson (“The Australian Outback”, “All-Stars”); Cirie Fields (“Panama”, “Micronesia”); Amanda Kimmel (“China”, “Micronesia”); Jessica “Sugar” Kiper (“Gabon”); Stephenie LaGrossa (“Palau”, “Guatemala”); James “J.T.” Thomas Jr. (“Tocantins”); Tom Westman (“Palau”) and Candice Woodcock (“Cook Islands”).

On the Villains beach will be Tyson Apostol (“Tocantins”); Randy Bailey (“Gabon”); Danielle DiLorenzo (“Panama’); Russell Hantz (“Samoa”) Jerri Manthey (“The Australian Outback”, “All-Stars”); Rob Mariano (“Marquesas”, “All-Stars”); Parvati Shallow (“Cook Islands”, “Micronesia”) Sandra Diaz-Twine (“Pearl Islands”); Benjamin “Coach” Wade (“Tocantins”) and Courtney Yates (“China”).

There they are, the cast of “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains”. All twenty of these competitors have competed on Survivor at least once before. For nine, it will be their third appearance on the show!

Last season, when I previewed “Survivor: Samoa” in “It’s Survivor Time!”, I challenged my Fellow Survivor Geeks to make their choice of who would be the Sole Survivor. This season, even though we have seen every contestant at least once, the All-Star format makes predicting a winner a very difficult task.

With that in mind, rather than ask you to predict a winner, I thought it would be fun to hear who your three favorites are. I don’t care if they are a Heroes or Villains, I just want to know the three that you want to see outwit, outplay and outlast the other seventeen.

Here are my top three:

1. Russell Hantz, fresh off his runner-up finish in Samoa, the “Hall-of-Famer” is the Survivor that I want to see last the longest. With a hat like that, who needs a buff? Hidden Immunity Idols and socks beware, the Hall-of-Famer is on the loose again!

2. Rupert Boneham became a favorite the moment he stole the other tribe’s personal items on the very first episode of Pearl Islands. The likeable giant has finished eighth and fourth in his previous appearances. If it weren’t for the Hall-of-Famer, Rupert would be my number one choice.

3. James Clement, the loveable gravedigger, finished seventh in both of his previous appearances on Survivor. Besides being built like a brick shithouse, Clement is probably best remembered for not using his Immunity Idol and being blindsided by the diabolical Parvati Shallow.

Speaking of Parvati Shallow, she is on the top of my list of my least favorites. Joining Shallow (fitting name) are “Boston Rob” Mariano, Stephenie LaGrossa, Jerri Manthey, Cirie Fields and Tyson Apostol. The sooner Jeff Probst tells these people, “The tribe has spoken”, the better.

Now that I have shared whom I am rooting for, I want to see whom you like. Everyone is encouraged to join in. It will be interesting to see what Fellow Survivor Geeks like Jamie, Auntie Janet, Karen N., Brad, Karen R., Mary Beth and Greg have to say. Their participation is expected!

You can leave your list in the form of a comment on this blog, as an email or you can send me a message on facebook. Hurry up, it won’t be long now! Until next time…from the booth.


Karen Rorek said...

Here's my list:

Russell Hantz
Rupert Boneham
Coach Wade

I had to throw Coach in the mix. I want another story like jumping out of a helicopter with a 20 foot kayak and being captured by lilliputians! Priceless!

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

That brings back great memories Karen! I would like too see Coach stick around for a while myself. Could you imagine him teaming up with Russell??? WOW!

Jenny said...

My favorites are Rob, James, Amanda and Rupert. I picked 4! By the way, I'm Greg's wife.

Gregory (Greg) P Turco said...

This is pretty easy, the best is Rupert, then Colby and Amanda.

I hate all the villains, especially Russell.

Good post Paul.

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Thanks Jenny and Greg! It won't be long now!

Karen from Alaska said...

This is fun! I haven't thought about some of these folks in quite awhile. It was difficult to pick three top ones. There are a couple more I would like to see go as far as possible just to stir things up...But here are my top three picks in no particular order:

Sock-burner Russell
Shoe stealer Rupert (a true pirate)
Hunkster Colby

The ones I would watch carefully and love to hate are:

Self-serving Parvati
In-love-with-self Jerry(don't hate me 'cause I think I'm beautiful-barf)
Professional reality ? show player Rob

Let the games begin!We have this show to look forward to AND the Olympics? Man, so much to watch, so little time...Karen

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Yes Karen, I think this is going to be loads of fun! Your choices are very similar to mine, except I make it a point never to refer to Colby as hunky…

Leplume said...

Okay here's my three...

Rupert Boneham - probably my all time favorite Survivor ever.

Russel Hantz - ya gotta love this guy. He was pure evil genius!

Colby Donaldson - I mean, c'mon...what's not to love??

My runners up are:
Pavarti - I hate her and love her all at the same time.

COACH!! - He's just good TV! Hahah!

I can't wait unti February!

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Very good Mary Beth! Only three weeks from tomorrow. It will be EPIC!!!