Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What’s Happening!!

Sorry if the title and the accompanying graphic were deceiving and got your hopes up, but this blog is not about Rerun, Raj, Dwayne and Shirley. While it might be fun to write about that iconic sitcom that ran from 1976 to 1979, I did not go in that direction. In this case, the title refers to the status of this blog. Don’t panic, it’s not going away any time soon. However, you might notice a few subtle changes taking place over the next few months. That’s why I wanted to let you know “What’s Happening!!”

As some of you may know, I have decided to write another book. It will be a follow up to my first book, “Some Kenosha Softball”. This book will be titled “More Kenosha Softball”. Pretty clever, eh? See, I’m not just another pretty face.

I have been in discussion with my publisher, Britton Road Press and I am quite enthusiastic about the project. Softball luminaries Gary “Wizard” Petersen, Pat Hegewald, Ernie Pascucci, Dr. Jim Fulmer, Glenn “Rock” Evenson, Jerry Ruffolo, Paul Pulera, Craig Stewart, Cindy Herr and Rick Flocker have agreed to provide information and memories.

Those ten VIP contributors are just the tip of the iceberg; more are being added almost daily. With the rapid rate that MKS is progressing, I am spending a significant bit of time on it. Because of this I will be spending less time on this blog.

I still plan on posting something a couple times a week, but they will occasionally be a “best of” type of thing. Let me know if there are any in particular that you would like to see again. I might post the Burger King trilogy starting this weekend.

Speaking of trilogies, please rest assure that the Official Survivor Recap Trilogy will make its triumphant return on September 19. Jamie and Mary Beth are back on board and are chomping at the bit for season 25 of the greatest reality show of all time to begin.

There will still be regular updates with the Poll Questions and Boobs of the Week. I will do as much as I can with the blog, but my main concentration has to be on my book.

One last thing on the topic of books. “Some Kenosha Softball” is still available at the Kenosha History Center, 220 51st Street and Sister Act Painting and Creative Treasures, 3816 Roosevelt Road.

Sister Act will be the place to be this weekend. In addition to their regular hours on Saturday, they will be open from 11 am to 2 pm on Sunday to accommodate the Kenosha Cash Mob. It promises to be a wild scene with all kinds of sales and excitement.

Kenosha Cash Mob started in January. The group recognizes and supports locally owned businesses that give back to the community and turns it into a fun social event. Mob members pledge to spend at least $20 at these events. Each mobbing is followed by a visit to a watering hole near the business chosen that was mobbed.

The owner of Sister Act, Sharon Buege definitely qualifies as someone that gives back to the community. And I’m not just saying that because she has been my good friend for over 35 years, she deserves your patronage.

So, that’s what’s happening!! Go over to Sister Act, buy some stuff, a book and tell Sharon I sent you!

Until next time…from the booth.

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