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Survivor 26.12

Here is the Official Bodacious Baldies Survivor: Caramoan Recap for week twelve:

Mary Beth’s 2Cents: The most noticeable thing about tonight's episode of Survivor, besides the fact that my sweet Malcolm was no longer playing the game, was the decided change in Cochran over not just the past month, but since the last time he played this game. Although he still looks like a drowning, albino, ginger rat most days, he's using his head way more and has a new confidence in himself that is growing on me. He said it best when, in stating that he will show no remorse for the taking over this game, he said, “I've changed into something that would scared my mother!”

Everyone was hoping for some nice juicy food reward but it wasn't to be. Instead, Tree Mail announced that they would be heading right into an Immunity Challenge. Reynold, who knows he has a huge target on his back, pretty much has to win every single Immunity Challenge from now until the end if he has any hope of staying alive.

Cochran's transformation did not go unnoticed by Probst who pointed out that Cochran was not wearing a shirt! I'm not sure if this was a good thing, but it was different for the mensch who normally strolled the beach in long sleeve, button up dress shirts. Probst also let them know that there would be a reward attached to this Immunity Challenge. Whoever won would get some secret information that would help them in the game.

So, for the Challenge they had to balance on triangular platform that was floating in the water. The whole thing was very precarious and at timed intervals they had to move their feet up one rung until they were at the top. Through it all, Probst was bribing them with food.

I was stunned when Eddie, whose position in the game is as tentative as Reynold's, gave up after a few minutes for a plate of donuts and a glass of milk. Cochran was struggling when Probst popped up with a plate of hot dogs and a cold soda. He asked the others if he could give up and not one person said anything to him! That was telling. But he gave up anyway and it looked like he was enjoying those wieners.

There was a shot of Sherri bending over in her leopard bikini, which was a little more revealing than I needed to see! I kept thinking that Sherri is no RC when it comes to leopard bikinis. It was so ugly a shot that I'm sure not even Paul would have enjoyed it! YIKES!!

Eventually, it got down to just Andrea and Brenda balancing their little hearts out. Here's the kicker! Neither one would negotiate or give up! They did strike a deal to share the info and Andrea tried like heck to get Brenda to quit but she just wouldn't do it. They balanced up there for three hours! Finally, Probst let them make  up a rule – balance on one leg – and that was it. Brenda was down and weaselly Andrea was the winner of both Immunity and the information. BOO!

The struggle, however, made Andrea painfully aware that Brenda is a contender and not someone to be taken lightly in challenges. They all go off to find the Hidden Idol (that's the info Andrea received) and Erik, simpleton that he is, finds it but then just hands it over to Andrea! Cochran just shook his head at how blissfully stupid Erik really is. At Tribal, it comes as no surprised that Reynold's is voted off. He really was on his own for far too long and had no one to back him up. I might also add that at Tribal, Malcolm looked particularly gorgeous with his long hair shining in the moonlight. * sigh *

Just when they thought it was over they were off to another Immunity Challenge the very next day. This time they had to maneuver a buoy through some rope and get a key to unlock some planks to make a ladder that they climb to fly a flag. Erik took a very early lead but started to lose it when he got to the ladder rungs. Brenda was right on his heels as a very close second. Andrea struggled with her rungs and never really caught up. Erik got a second wind and whizzed past everyone to win Immunity.

Back at camp, Andrea continues to target Brenda and Cochran realizes that she wants to take Eddie to the finals! Cochran masterminds a plan to make Andrea think she is very safe so she won't play her hidden idol. Once others hear how Andrea's been playing them they're all on board and the result is a blindside that Andrea never saw coming! Those blindsides are a beautiful thing. And I'm liking Cochran more and more. I just hope he can keep up the momentum and that the others don't get any shady ideas now.

Vag’s Evaluation: Thank goodness for the last 13 minutes of this episode. It wasn’t until right before the second Tribal Council that anything entertained me. At all. There were very little notes on my pad. The few that I did have were “Erik wins Immunity. Now what?” “Blah, blah, blah…” and “This episode sucks.”

And it did. For the first 47 minutes.

At least for me it did. For an episode that had two Immunity Challenges and two corresponding Tribal Council, I was bored to tears. I spent most of the show kibitzing with Fellow Survivor Geek Patty on Facebook and checking up on my fantasy baseball team. The only thing holding my interest was the lovely Brenda and growing dislike for Wisconsin’s very own Andrea.

It was this aversion to the cute little Cheesehead that made the last 13 minutes so very enjoyable. She wanted plotting a blindside on the delectable Brenda and that got my blood boiling. How dare she! Fortunately, everyone’s favorite nerd and Survivor savant, Cochran wasn’t onboard with Andrea’s diabolical double-cross and had plans of his own.

When they finally got to the second Tribal Council, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I honestly felt that dope Erik would side with Andrea and eliminate Brenda. Besides, Andrea possessed a Hidden Immunity Idol that Erik the dimwit found for her. After award-winning host Jeff Probst finished putting words into everyone’s mouth, Andrea announced that she had the Hidden Immunity Idol and would only play it if she “ever felt like she was paranoid.”


I guess she should have felt paranoid and played it because her cute little Wisconsin ass got voted off. When she received her second vote she let out a little yelp of amazement. When the third and deciding vote was announced, she shook her pretty head in disbelief. Cochran had a shit-eating grin on his face and I shouted out, “YES!” Episode twelve was saved.

Next week is the final Wednesday of season 26. All that remains after that is the Finale and Reunion Show on Sunday May 12th. With only six competitors left and such limited viewing left, I would like to share with you how I would like to see the final six finish. I will give a one or two word description of how I feel toward each castaway. Here is my list, starting with the first that I want to see eliminated and finishing with who I would like to see win the $1,000,000.

6. Erik – Dimwitted Imbecile
5. Dawn – Basket Case
4. Sherri – Skeletor
3. Eddie – Likeable Goof
2. Cochran – Genius Nerd-Boy
1. Brenda – Coquettish Minx

That’s all I got. I hope Mary Beth provided you with more of the details. Like I said, the show tonight really sucked for the first 47 minutes. I’ll try to do better next week. Until next time…from the booth.

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