Monday, June 29, 2015

They Made Balls and Strikes Their Business

From my book, More Kenosha Softball:

Over the years, Kenosha has had a multitude of teams competing against one another. Some teams were very good, playing at a high level. There were also teams that were playing merely to justify getting together with the guys for a couple of beers in the middle of the week. Some teams were able to accomplish both. But regardless if a team was playing in the Classic League at Finney’s West or in the Continental Division on Tuesday nights in the city, all of them had one similarity. There was a common denominator. All of these teams needed umpires.

That is why I felt the need for a set of umpires to adjudicate the games being played by the Most Popular Kenosha Softball Team I Ever Saw. Here are the results from the poll used to select that duo:

Ernie Pascucci – 28%
Dick Cairo – 21%
Jerry Herrick – 17%
George Pflueger – 6%
Ron Soulek – 5%
George Becker – 3%
Jim Steinhoff – 3%
Don Newport - 3% 

Imagine that, Ernie Pascucci and Dick Cairo garnering the most votes! Kind of fitting. Why you ask? Here is an excerpt from Some Kenosha Softball that will explain why:

The #1 duo was Dick Cairo and the distinguished and colorful Ernie Pascucci. When Pascucci decided to cut back on the amount of games he worked, Cairo had to choose a new partner. His choice was long time Kenosha schoolteacher George Becker. With Cairo’s many years of experience and Becker’s “George Hamilton-like” good looks, Finney’s West had a new top crew.

It should be noted that Cairo will join Pascucci, Soulek and George Chromcik in the Kenosha Softball Hall of Fame on July 12. Not bad company.

If you would like to read more about the Golden Age of Kenosha Softball, you should read my books. Both Some Kenosha Softball and More Kenosha Softball are available at the Kenosha History Center and RK News. Live outside the Kenosha area? More Kenosha Softball is available online at If you would like a signed copy of either book, contact me at (262) 671-4251.

Until next time…from the booth.

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