Sunday, March 21, 2010

Satriale’s Meats 2010

Tonight the draft took place for the fourth season of the Bada Bing! Fantasy baseball league. I have been the commissioner all four seasons, running the league through Yahoo Sports. There are 10 teams in the league this year, up two from last year.

These are the teams making up the Bada Bing! League in 2010.

Klingon Bastards
Chris Moltisantis
Cubs Suck Ass
Long Ball 24
BG Big Chicks
Satriale’s Meat

Some clever names, huh? Some are self-explanatory, while others are a bit more subtle. My team is Satriale’s Meats; the regular hangout for members of Tony Soprano’s crew on the HBO hit The Sopranos.

I was fortunate enough to draw the first pick in the draft and raised a few eyebrows by choosing Prince Fielder of the Brewers. People who know me though, would have been shocked had I taken anyone else. Here is what my squad looks like:

C – Kurt Suzuki, Oakland Athletics
1B – Prince Fielder, Milwaukee Brewers
2B – Ben Zobrist, Tampa Bay Rays
3B – Ryan Zimmerman, Washington Nationals
SS – Miguel Tejada, Baltimore Orioles
OF – Jacoby Elsbury, Boston Red Sox
OF – Adam Dunn, Washington Nationals
OF – Andre Ethier, Los Angeles Dodgers
Utility – Michael Bourn, Houston Astros
Bench – Placido Polanco, Philadelphia Phillies
Bench – Cody Ross, Florida Marlins
Bench – Alcides Escobar, Milwaukee Brewers
Bench – Casey McGehee, Milwaukee Brewers

SP – Yovanni Gallardo, Milwaukee Brewers
SP – Jake Peavy, Chicago White Sox
SP – Tommy Hanson, Atlanta Braves
SP – Scott Baker, Minnesota Twins
SP – Mark Buehrle, Chicago White Sox
RP – David Aardsma, Seattle Mariners
RP – Trevor Hoffman, Milwaukee Brewers

It is fairly obvious that I am a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers, using five of my twenty picks on them. More importantly, there are no Chicago Cubs or St. Louis Cardinals on my team, a fact 0f which I am proud.

I understand that you really shouldn’t draft your team with your heart instead of your head, but it’s my team! Of course that’s probably why BG Big Chicks won last year and I finished fifth. Oh well, until next time…from the booth.

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