Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And Then There Were Six

I’m not going to beat around the bush tonight. I was a bit bummed when it was revealed during the coming attractions that there are only two episodes remaining. Even though this season has been less than stellar, I have become attached to a couple of these knuckleheads. I had even become accustomed to watching Survivor on Wednesday nights. And now it’s almost over. Heavy sigh.

Rather than recap all the activity of the twelfth episode of Survivor: Nicaragua, I will let you know right away that Benry was voted off at Tribal Council. I don’t know who was more disappointed, Benry or the members of the jury.

With the departure of Benry, we are left with six contestants and two episodes to decide the sole Survivor and winner of $1,000,000. Here is how I rank the final six competitors. Please keep in mind that the rankings are a combination of who I want to win and whom I think will win.

6. Dan Lembo. Would someone please let me know what Dan has done to merit a place in the final six? Why this man is still around is beyond me. I wrote his name down on my note pad followed by question marks at least six different times. Most of the time of the time it was, “What about Dan?”

5. Jane Bright. My opinion of this lunatic has flip-flopped numerous times. While I have to give her credit for being a tough old broad, she is just too creepy. Remember when she climbed on Fabio and dry humped him after they won individual immunity? Then tonight she is whooping it up as she gawks at Holly stripping to take a shower. I won’t even get into the dead chicken thing. Freaky.

4. Matt Lehahan. You are probably asking yourself, “Who the hell is that?” That is Sash’s actual name. Tonight I was reminded what an unlikable blowhard he can become when things are going his way. I believe my eyes rolled when he said he has been holding back during challenges, only giving 75%. Ya, right.

3. Chase Rice. This guy has nearly every quality necessary to succeed in Survivor. He is young, athletic, good-looking, personable and even possesses a “lunch box”. The one thing he is lacking is BRAINS! This was made evident when he chose Jane to accompany him on his reward rather than Sash. He wouldn’t know strategy if it smacked him in the head. Maybe he never watched Survivor before.

2. Judson Birza. Another, who the hell? It’s none other than Fabio. I am probably ranking him a little bit too high, but I can’t help liking him due to his naiveté. He is like a more charming version of Jeff Spicoli. He dodged a real bullet tonight.

1. Holly Hoffman. This lady has game. It was evidenced last week when she turned down reward so that the tribe could have a new tarp and a supply of rice. Other than her meltdown back on day five, she has been a solid player. She never cried over a dead chicken and I do believe that she has seen a season of Survivor or two. It will be tough, but I am pulling for her to be the sole Survivor.

There are only 2 more episodes. A mere 180 minutes remain. That’s a measly 10,800 seconds. Luckily we have the reunion show to look forward to after the finale one week from Sunday. Until next time…from the booth.


Alaska Karen said...

Agreed Paul. My first choice is Holly as well, hoping Fabio is at the end also. We all commented tonight that we really like the guy! There is some endearing quality about him... and did you notice the ***t-eating grin on his face after the vote? He has seen the light, and his look said "so THAT'S how it is eh...ok NOW I get it." Jane must be low on some nutrients and it is really starting to show. Yikes. Danno, WHATEVER. Hilarious naming the chickens after the two "chickens" that quit. Good times.

Sue said...

ha ha. I am surprised 'the lunch box' comes 3rd in the list ! A woman to win ? Must say I don't think this Survivor has been any where as good as previous ones. Perhaps it is the Wednesday night that does it. Let's see who actually wins thru - no doubt it will be a 'surprise'.

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

AK Karen, I totally overlooked that they had named the chickens after the quitters! Thanks!

UK Sue, I always look forward to reading your "take" on the latest episode. I find it amazing that how appropriate they are considering you never even see the show!

Leplume said...

Took me awile but I finally got to read your blog! I loved the chicken naming thing and Jane crying at their little chicken funeral was classic! LOL I'm hoping Holly takes this one but honestly I'm not keen on anyone really. I wasn't aware this season was almost over. Ah well...maybe next time there will be someone more interesting. I still think they should let Russell be on every single season! Haha!

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Great idea, MB! All Russell, all the time. YES!