Friday, December 30, 2011

Good Intentions For 2012

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, the traditional day for making year-end lists and those dreaded resolutions. I’m not doing any lists. I have done enough of those throughout the year on this blog. Nor am I going to make any resolutions. They usually end up being broke shortly after you make them. So, there will be no resolutions. There will be no pledges, commitments or promises. There will be nothing that resembles the classic resolution.

What I am willing to do is make a list of good intentions for 2012. This list will not be specific in nature. Instead, it will serve as a guideline to help me be a better person.

That’s all I want to accomplish in 2012. To be a better person. Better in the eyes of God. Better to my family and friends. Better to casual acquaintances. Even better to people I have never met. And lastly, better to myself.

This might seem vague and fuzzy, but that’s okay. I know that I want to be a better person. Here’s my list of good intentions that will help me achieve this.

1.    Pray on a more consistent basis. Succeeding in doing this will help the rest of the list to fall into place. It is the most important thing on this list.

2.    Be more patient and learn not to lose my temper, starting with those closest to me.

3.    Eat better and be more active. No-brainer here. A plan is in the works.

4.    Become more organized. People that know me might think that I’m already too anal, but I have areas that need work. Trust me on this.

5.    Read more books. I have at least a dozen books waiting to be read. As the immortal Emil Faber said, “Knowledge is good.”

6.    Get the “Cottage Book” project completed. I think this will make the people closest to me happy. I know it would make me happy.

7.    Make my savings account grow. It would probably be a good idea to start a savings account first…

That’s my list of good intentions for 2012. If I make a sincere effort to make these things happen, I honestly believe that I can be a better person. And that’s important to me. We shall see.

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Ray Barone and Peter Griffin – 13% each
Al Bundy, Ward Cleaver and Homer Simpson – 8% each
Howard Cunningham, Red Forman and Tony Soprano – 4% each
Jim Anderson, Jack Arnold, Tom Bradford, Mike Brady, Steve Douglas, Hank Hill, Heathcliff Huxtable, Charles Ingalls, Steven Keaton and Ozzie Nelson all finished with no votes.

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Alaska Karen said...

Better to yourself FIRST, only then can you be better to others. Knowledge is power. Happiest of New Year's!

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Thank you, Karen.The same to you and your family.

J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

Best wishes for a happy and successful new year. I can't wait to read about all of your accomplishments here on your blog. I'm going to try to read more books, too. And the saving money thing, I need to do that, too!

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Thanks, Julie. I hope you accomplish in the new year the things you want to as well. By the way, is your blog still on hiatus? I miss it! :)

Leplume said...

Ha! I just made my list and some of your's matches mine exactly! Great minds think alike! Have a truly Happy New Year Paul! I'm honored to be counted among your friends, even if I can almost NEVER beat you in Words with Friends! I look forward to more games and more writing together! Skol!

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

I've been so lucky in Words with Friends, it will change. I am so happy to be friends with you as well. Thanks again for your Survivor contributions and Happy New Year to you and those close to you!