Monday, January 2, 2012

Beast Mode English Style

Back in August I wrote a blog about the Milwaukee Brewers’ new celebration titled “Beast Mode Brewer Style”. If you recall, after a big hit, players would turn to the dugout with their arms spread out like they were scaring someone. Prince Fielder explained that Monster Inc. was his kids’ favorite movie and they would imitate Sully doing “Beast Mode”. He thought it was funny, so he figured that he might as well do it, too. It became a tradition. 

On Christmas Eve that tradition crossed the pond to England.

My British friend, Jake Lammas celebrated his tenth birthday on December 24, 2011. Because he is such an avid sport fan, I decided to send him a Prince Fielder “Beast Mode” t-shirt as a present.

Not only is Jake a fan of sports, he is an accomplished athlete in his own right. The strapping lad from King’s Lynn, Norfolk currently competes in four sports. His favorite is rugby, followed by football, swimming and judo. He also enjoys fishing with his father, Scott.

Here are a few photos of Jake documenting his athletic prowess:

Jake posing with the Leicester Tiger mascot. The Leicester Tigers are a rugby powerhouse and are the equivalent of the New York Yankees. Jake played an Under-10 tournament quarterfinal match at Welford Road one week before his birthday.

Jake accepting his football award. The young Brit had the distinction of scoring a goal as a goalkeeper. His mighty kick went the length of the field, bouncing once before settling into the opponent’s net.

Jake, sporting a colorful hat, proudly displaying one of the many fish he caught this past summer.

Another proud moment as Jake holds his player of the month trophy for Judo. He would go on to earn his green belt competing against boys six years his senior. Notice he is wearing a Brewers t-shirt.

This is Jake wearing his “Beast Mode” t-shirt. It should be noted that the shirt is a men’s size medium. It’s a bit big for him now, but his mother Debbie said he will outgrow it. She added that when he does, she would wear it!

Prince Fielder and the Brewers may have originated “Beast Mode” here in the United States, but Jake Lammas is keeping the tradition alive and kicking – English Style.

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bev said...


Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Thanks, Bev.

J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

What an accomplished young man! Kudos to him.

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

He really is, Julie. I didn't even mention that he also plays the violin and keyboards.

sue said...

Ha Ha - if you ask me that t shirt fits him fine.

Well written Paul and well done Jake.