Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Don’t you just love it when someone you know accomplishes something major in their life? It’s wonderful to see them reap the benefits of years of hard work. Perhaps I’m just living vicariously through them and I'm a little weird. But to me it doesn’t matter if the person is a family member, a close friend or even someone that I just know casually; it makes me smile when they succeed. Recently I had cause to smile when someone I know made a significant accomplishment and he deserves congratulations.

This guy is one of the hardest working people there is. Growing up he had a few obstacles to overcome but he got by them and landed a job with a major Milwaukee corporation in 2005. That same summer he also got married and started a family.

He had a strong work ethic and busted his hump, steadily moving up the corporate ladder. Before long he was not only one of the top performers for the small company in Wisconsin, but was also among the best at his position in the entire country.

His career has been marked with numerous awards and commendations, some coming at the national level. To go along with these professional accomplishments was the addition of two sons. The rambunctious youngsters are now his pride and joy.

Over the past seven years, this fellow has climbed to the top of his field and has become a man with strong family values. This past week he was rewarded for all of his effort and dedication.

He was offered a job with a new company. His position would essentially be the same, but he would receive a considerable pay increase. It was a wonderful opportunity but not without drawbacks, the biggest being he would have to relocate.

The new job was still in the Midwest, but he had come to love the city of Milwaukee and it’s people. He had also developed close relationships with many of his coworkers and bosses. It was a tough decision.

After much deliberation and discussion with his wife, he finally decided to take the new job and move his young family to Detroit, Michigan. He bid a fond farewell to his old boss, Mr. Attanasio and was welcomed by his new boss, Mr. Ilitch. His hard work had paid off.

Congratulations, Prince. Good luck with your new job.

Until next time…from the booth.

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