Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!

People sure do like to bitch don’t they? Everywhere I turn, somebody is complaining about something. Everywhere. On TV, TMJ4 has a segment called “Sound Off”. The Kenosha News has the Voice of the People. Every talk radio show, whether it’s politics or sports, is a huge whine fest. Facebook… where do you begin? Maybe its because I’m getting old, but all of the bitching is getting old. Don’t get me wrong; I have done more than my share of bellyaching over the years, but this current level of griping has reached epic proportions.

Enough is enough!

On their Live at 3:00 show, TMJ4 poses several “thought-provoking” questions during the Sound Off segment to über-conservative Jeff Wagner and a random liberal, usually a female. This wouldn’t be that bad, but TMJ4 doesn’t stop there. Before the show, they post these same questions on their web site and on facebook so that the unwashed masses can also weigh in.

You can imagine the intelligent responses, especially if the names Walker or Obama are mentioned somewhere in the question. Don’t hold your breath expecting a rational thought. All you get is a lot of criticizing and grumbling.

The Voice of the People in the Kenosha News is unique in that it allows people to spout their opinion without having to sign their name. Veracity is never considered, just let the people spew their venom-filled point of view and sign it “Name Withheld”.

Another interesting element is added to the Kenosha News VOP if you read it online. There you get even more anonymity! People are allowed to comment on the VOPs while only using screen names. “Parasite” and “….” are a couple of my favorites. They hate anything that isn’t a deep shade of red. Actually, hate might be mild.

In the past, I have opined on the topic of talk radio ad nauseam, it is a passion of mine. During an average week, I listen to between 40 and 50 hours of radio. It’s the first thing I turn on when I wake up and it’s the last thing I hear when I fall asleep.

As can be expected, sports makes up a major portion of those hours. However, I also manage to squeeze in some political radio. Although I hate politics, I want to know what is going on. That’s why I make time for Lenny Palmer, Don Rosen and Alan Colmes.

I would be hard pressed to tell you which format has more hare-brained callers – sports or politics. One is worse than the other. Everyone is an expert and they think that their opinion is gospel. No one seems to be happy about anything.

Fortunately, I have discovered a wonderful method for minimizing this overwhelming onslaught of bitching.

I don’t watch Sound Off on TMJ4’s Live at 3:00 show anymore. I have seen enough Jeff Wagner to last a lifetime.

When reading the comments for the Voice of the People on the Kenosha News online edition, I now skip those by “parasite” and “….”. There is enough hate in this world. I don’t need any more added by a couple of incognito nut jobs.

When it comes to the radio, I now switch stations when a caller is particularly annoying. I can’t remember the last time I listened to a call from Sherry, Mike from “Hodunk”, or Spanky on WLIP. I just can’t handle know-it-alls that are constantly complaining about the current state of affairs.

Same thing goes for sports radio. Everyone wants the manager or coach fired but they never have a replacement in mind. It’s just a lot of whining by overly opinionated people that don’t really know very much.

No more bitch, bitch, bitch for me. At least not from those mindless mopes. I have plenty of family and friends that have legitimate reasons to complain. Life hasn’t exactly dealt them the greatest hand. They could bitch.

But they don’t.

My baby brother who is having his third major surgery in less than two years doesn’t bitch.

I have never heard one peep from my friend who is currently battling cancer. No bitching from her.

Another friend lives in debilitating pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. She doesn’t bitch.

Out of respect to these fine people and the others that don’t bitch although they have every right to, I am going to make every effort to keep my bitching to a minimum. The complaint department is closed.

Until next time…from the booth.


Alaska Karen said...

Ain't it always the way-those that REALLY have a reason to complain-don't. In fact, if you didn't know the pain and difficulties they are going thru, they would never give a clue about it by complaining. We should all take a life-lesson from them. I too know many people who are fighting FOR THEIR LIVES in a variety of ways. They spend more time smiling than complaining. I will be glad when this political election is over, but I doubt very much any complaining will end. It will just continue with renewed force...:(

Leplume said...

I hear ya! I catch myself getting whiney and I have to stop myself and remind myself that I have it pretty darn good! I've come close to "unfriending" some of my more opinionated, bitchy political friends on Facebook but then I stop myself there too. That would go against everything I believe in. I don't have to agree with them...I will defend their right to to their opinions. But you're right..all the bitching is getting real old, real fast! Good post, Paul!

Sue said...

Well written Paul, but you know some people are just not happy unless they can bitch - doesn't matter what about (in fact I am sure some don't know) as long as they can bitch but at the end of the day bitching gets you no where and gains you no friends in the end.