Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gotta Remain Positive

Last night I began to write a blog titled “People Are Stupid!” I started it out by explaining that there is a difference between being ignorant and being stupid. I noted that ignorant is the lack of knowledge or information and stupid is defined as lacking intelligence or common sense and being able to think clearly. Then I started feeling negative and when American Restoration came on, I lost my desire to continue writing.

So I stopped.

Today I decided to scrap the “People Are Stupid!” blog. I gotta remain positive. That being said, people really are stupid. Stupid people do exist. Here is the graphic I had planned on using. It was perfect.

 I’m not even going to get into the inspiration for the blog that I didn’t write yesterday. I’m not going to mention how people believe anything they hear on the radio. Even if it comes from some guy still wet behind the ears.

Nope, I gotta remain positive.

I won’t write about how people are incapable of critical thinking. Or how they never consider the context from which a statement was taken. I guess it is easier to hate and be angry.

Nope, I gotta remain positive.

I’m certainly not going to tackle the moronic discussions on facebook. Discussions like me being “to tech” because I brought up the Rotary Club coining the phrase non-winners bracket.

Honest – “to tech”.

So in an effort to remain positive, I shall avoid talking about stupid people. Rather, I thought I would spend a pleasant night watching Jonathan Lucroy while he plays in a rehab game with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.

He reached on a base hit to right in his first at-bat. That’s positive.

While I watch and write I am listening to my iPod. Currently, The Clash is belting out London’s Burning. Okay, the title isn’t that positive, but it’s gotta catchy beat.

Wait, R.E.M. is on now. Talking about the passion is definitely positive.

Let’s see, what else is positive? Oh ya, I have added some new BOOBS of the Week. Check it out; they are located right below the massage cleavage photo just below the Blog Archive.

There is more positivity right below those boobs – a new poll question! This weeks question is “Would you eat beans and eggs on toast?” Bev, my pal from ‘cross the pond insists that this dish is quite tasty. I’m not so sure. Make certain to cast your vote and let me know how you feel about this gastronomic delight before you leave the blog.

Well, Jonathan Lucroy is at bat again and Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ is coming out of my iPod. I guess this is a good time to wrap things up. YES! Lucroy just doubled to right field. That’s positive!

Until next time…from the booth.

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