Tuesday, July 16, 2013

All-Star Time

Tonight’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be the 84th edition of the Mid-Season Classic. It will be played at Citi Field in Queens, New York City, the home of the New York Mets. I look forward to watching Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura of the Brewers being introduced prior to the start of the game. After that, I will probably watch the game itself until 8:30. Then it’s time for Hard Core Pawn: Chicago and Shipping Wars.

In honor of the game, I came up with an all-star team comprised of guys that played softball for the 400 Club, Hoff’s Players, Finney’s West and Koos Inc. teams that I managed over the years. There is quite the talent pool to draw from; I estimate there were at least 83 players. But that’s being conservative. Realistically, it’s probably closer to 100.

The collection of athletes was quite eclectic. I had at least seven cops, a half-dozen teachers, a jeweler, a pilot, a principal, a TV Host, an NFL wide receiver, Kenosha’s Assistant DA, Kenosha’s Sheriff, the Racine Raider’s head coach and Tremper’s basketball coach. Sweet, huh?

It wasn’t that hard to whittle the group down to my 18-man all-star roster. Not only did I base my criteria on talent, but I also required a minimum of two years of playing for me.

Here is my personal All-Star team:

Tony Halpin*
Dennis FitzGerald*
Danny Llanas*

Ron Clark*
Jeff DiCello*
Glen Ekern*
Bruce Meyers*
Kevin Mikolas*
Mark Montague*
Larry Tostrud*
Steve Hess

Bruce Edmark*
Jimmy Gentile*
Matt Montemurro*
Randy Aulwes
Gene Heckel
Steve Neiman 
John Schwarz

Predictably, 13 of the players named to my squad had played for the 400 Club. They are marked with an asterisk. It is a considerable achievement for the five that never had the privilege of playing for the 400 Club and they should be proud of the accomplishment.

Not wanting to offend anyone, I was reluctant to name a starting line-up. However, after much deliberation, I thought, what the heck! Here’s my the batting order for my All-Star team.

1. Bruce Edmark – RC
2. Gene Heckel – LC
3. Bruce Meyers – SS
4. Matt Montemurro – LF
5. Kevin Mikolas – 1B
6. Ron Clark – 3B
7. Glen Ekern – C
8. John Schwarz – DH
9. Jimmy Gentile – RF
10. Danny Llanas – P
11. Jeff DiCello – 2B

There ya go, hopefully no one’s feelings are hurt by being left off the roster or by not making the starting line-up. Enjoy the game tonight. Until next time…from the booth.

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