Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quick Update

I know it must be getting old by now, but I have been busy working on my book, “More Kenosha Softball”. I had the privilege of interviewing Hall of Famer Jack Zimmerman in person the past week. What a hoot! It was tremendous and has kept me inspired. Another inspiration was the news that friend and longtime journalist, Gary Schneeberger has completed the chapter he promised me on Bad Boy Steve “Blade” Hess. I can’t wait to see it. Speaking of seeing it, here is an outline of where I am with the book. A √ indicates that the chapter is completed.
More Teams

5th Amendment √
Snowblind Oasis √
Infusino’s √
Team Export √
Sorensen Mfg.
Strang Siding
Finney’s Lounge
Stanich Realty
Kenosha Kings?

More Players
Bad Boys – Steve “Blade” Hess √ (Schnee)
Softball Gypsy – Jerry Ruffolo √
Jack Zimmerman √
Big Boys – Bill “Mountain” Griffiths
Long Ballers – Chuck Lange
Managers – Tim Georno
Pitchers – Gary “Wizard” Petersen
Short Stop – Bruce “Hollywood” Meyers
Speed Merchants – Rick Flocker
Jim Darula (14-inch)

More Tales
Umpires √
Hall of Fame (Fulmer) √
Dream Game (Hegs) √
Rest in Peace √
Bobby Douglass (Allen)
Finney’s West Booth

More Stuff 

City Champs √
Rotary Champs √

You probably noticed the ? following the Kenosha Kings. Help! I am at a loss finding information about this great team. If you have anything at all, please let me know. I have to get back to writing. Until next time…from the booth.

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