Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Had a Dream

For the last several months I have been trying to eat “healthier”. For me this means cutting out salt, processed meats, less carbohydrates and, of course, no sweets. Translated into food it means no sausages of any kind, no Italian lunchmeats, less pasta and no tasty cakes and cookies. In other words, all the things that I enjoy, the stuff that tastes good. No longer will I live by the creed: “If it’s green, it’s trouble but it’s fried give me double.”

Please don’t feel too sorry for me, besides the Italian delights, I really don’t miss anything that badly. I still enjoy an occasional pizza from Sal’s, but it is without sauce (salt) and sausage or pepperoni (double whammy – salt AND fat). Instead, the pizza is made with olive oil, oregano, garlic, green peppers, fresh tomatoes and some mozzarella cheese. Okay, I know, the cheese has fat, but, hey, what can I say…

Because I am no longer enjoying many of the delectable treats that I used to, I decided to dine vicariously for one day on a dream menu. So, here is my fantasy feast for a day:


This meal would be cooked by late and dear, Grandma ‘Noni and would consist of the following:

Fried eggs with very crispy edges
Fried half-inch thick slabs of Oscar Mayer baloney
Grandma’s buttered toast made with her homemade bread

My brother Mike and I were fortunate to live at Grandma’s house while our new home was being built during my senior year in high school. Many a morning I left for school with that very meal in my belly. Speaking of school…


Here is my favorite cafeteria offering from the kitchens of Tremper High School:

Several Pizza Burgers
Hostess Suzy-Qs
Chocolate Milk Shake

The reason I say “several” pizza burgers is because besides the ample portion you received, one of the Gosnell twins could never finish theirs and would always share it. 


My dear Ma would make this meal. I can smell it now as I write about it. Baby brother Joey refers to it as “poor people’s” food. I call it delicious. Here’s dinner:

Salad made with tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers from my Pa’s garden
A heaping dish of “Perroni Macaroni”
Desert would be Ma’s zucchini bread. Or her banana bread. Or her plum bread. Take your choice.

“Perroni Macaroni” is tremendous, yet simple. Ground beef, undiluted tomato soup, chopped onions and whatever pasta was handy. Even the aroma was amazing. Mmm…

Because of a lifetime of theses, and many other gastronomical delights, I must now refrain from enjoying them as I once did. I just have to. But it doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about them every now and them. Man, do I have a hankering for Grandma’s eggs and baloney right now…

Until next time…from the booth.

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