Friday, August 23, 2013

It Won’t Be Long Now

No, that’s not the punch line to a bad joke; it’s the status of the progress for my book, “More Kenosha Softball”. All that’s left is to finish up the “chapters” on Tim Georno, Stanich Realty and Strang Siding. After that, all I need to do is scan one, maybe two more photographs. Then I start proofreading the “chapters” and sending them to my publisher, Sari B.

When she has all 24 chapters, she will produce a manuscript. Then I will proofread it and indicate where I want the photographs to be placed. After that, the foreword, introduction and acknowledgements will be written. Then Sari B will work her magic and… voilà! The finished book will be printed.

Actually, the real magic became about six weeks ago when I was writing the introduction bios for the 2013 Kenosha Softball Hall of Fame inductees. The distinguished Ernie Pascucci stopped by to drop off some info for me. He brought with him an album chock full of old photographs. He sat on the couch for an hour, reminiscing with me about the Golden Age of Kenosha Softball.

That seemed to get the ball rolling. After Pascucci, it was Jack Zimmerman, Larry Keating, Jimmy Gentile and Bruce Meyers each taking a turn on the couch. It was wonderful shooting the shit with these softball luminaries. Not only did it provided additional information for the book, it also kicked me into overdrive when it came to writing.

While the guests that appeared on the couch had me feeling like Johnny Carson, I also had several phone conversations that helped immensely. Check out these softball bigwigs: Pat Hegewald, Gary “Wizard” Petersen, Mike Umscheid, Travis Clark, Gregg Hansen, Tim Georno and Chuck Lange. Sweet, huh?

Oh, ya. I made about a zillion phone calls to Sari B, the publisher lady. Barring some unseen interference, I should be done writing by the end of August. Then, hopefully, “More Kenosha Softball” should be available well before holiday gift shopping starts. It won’t be long now.

Until next time…from the booth.

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