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Survivor 27.1

Here are the Survivor: Blood vs. Water Tribes

Galang - Returning Players

Aras Baskauskas – Panama – Exile Island
Candice Woodcock Cody – Cook Islands, Heroes vs. Villains
Colton Cumbie – One World
Gervase Petersen – Borneo
Kat Edorsson – One World
Laura Morett - Samoa
Monica Culpepper – One World   
Rupert Boneham – Pearl Islands, All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villains
Tina Wesson – Australian Outback, all-Stars
Tyson Apostol – Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains

Tadhana - Loved Ones

Vytas Baskauskas – Aras’ brother
John Cody – Candice’s husband
Caleb Bankston – Colton’s fiancé
Marissa Petersen – Gervase’s niece
Hayden Moss – Kat’s boyfriend
Ciera Morett Eastin – Laura’s daughter
Brad Culpepper – Monica’s husband
Laura Boneham – Rupert’s wife
Katie Collins – Tina’s daughter
Rachel Foulger – Tyson’s girlfriend

Mary Beth’s 2Cents
As the 27th season of Survivor started up, I could hear Jackie Gleason's voice in my head saying, And away we go!” I had a gut feeling that this season was going to be good and if this premiere episode is any sign, it is! Right from the get go, there was a twist. As the experienced players and their loved ones arrived to their destination they were made to spend one night in the jungle – just the two of them. No supplies, no shelter, no fire, no food, no nothing!

Then, if that wasn't enough, once they all came together with Probst they are told they are playing against each other on opposite tribes. As they separate, Brad Culpepper makes a big gaff by telling Probst he might do something to make sure his wife was safe – like if there was a tarp as a reward – which did not sit well with his new tribes mates. He knew immediately that he messed up!

There were a lot of long faces and sad good byes as they formed two tribes but the loved ones look hungry. They came to play! But wait, Probst wasn't finished with the surprise twists just yet. Before they did anything else, each tribe had to vote someone off their tribe. This is unprecedented. I don't ever remember something like this happening before.

Galang – the experienced players, vote off Candice. Tadhana – the newbies, vote off Laura, Rupert's wife. Then it was announced that they were going to Redemption Island! At this point, Probst challenges Rupert, who once said he would do anything for his wife, and asks him if he would trade places with her. Rupert doesn't even hesitate! Which got me upset, and his tribe mates, upset. Me, because he's one of my favorite players and now he could be leaving too soon. The tribe, because he's also a workhorse that can supply them with strength and food. Probst asked Candice's husband the same question but he decided not to switch places. So Rupert and Candice are off to Redemption and Laura is part of Galang. All this in the first half hour!

Once they are back at camp, Laura is determined not to be intimidated by the veterans. Tyson, who learned a thing or two from Boston Rob, quickly gets a fire going and the rest all dig in to make shelter, gather water and start cooking. Things are looking good at Galang.

At Tadhana, they're making head way on a shelter but cannot make fire at all and without fire there is no food or water. So they suffer a hungry night. Though I have to mention each tribe had a crate full of gear waiting for them which, again, is not in the spirit of the original show! No one really suffers on Survivor anymore.

At Galang, Monica and Colton have a “let's just get along” moment where they put the past behind them. Not too sure Colton has really changed his spots though. He spent some times around the campfire talking about growing up gay in the deep South and breaks down into tears. In fact, Colton cried a lot on this first show. Maybe a little too much.

At Tadhana, Culpepper starts analyzing the game and decides to make an alliance with all the men, which would give them the numbers to vote off the women. He's a bit forceful right off the bat, which made me think “Too soon, Dude!” Usually, those forceful ones don't last that long.

Meanwhile, at Redemption Island, Rupert is taking is easy while Candice is cooking, cleaning, building fire, and just doing all the work. She's not happy about it either but Rupert's no dummy! He's purposely saving energy for the upcoming challenges. Ah, I love Rupert. The only thing better than having Rupert back would be if they had two Hantz's on the show!

At the challenge, which was for Immunity and fire, they had to swim, leap, dive, untie, row and complete a puzzle to win a prize. Katie and Ciera thought it would be fun to go head to head with their mom's at the puzzle. Gervase…wow…what can I say…Gervase struggled so much during the obstacle course that he had to be assisted on the last leg by a teammate. He brought Galang into a resounding last place and he was helped by Colton who didn't seem to know how to row a boat.

It did not look good for the veterans but at the puzzle the mom's taught the daughters a lesson in how to win. They methodically, quickly and without regrets spanked them and Galang won! The victory set Gervase on a whooping streak. He was leaping around yelling, “That's how it's done!” to the other tribe. Talk about not being a gracious winner.

The newbies were quite shocked that he would act that way knowing that someone's loved one was now going to be voted off. So shocked in fact that they voted off his loved one, which, I think, was a mistake. Marissa, Gervase's niece, had a lot going for her and if the men just rid the island of all women they will suffer in the end. There always has to be a mix of brain and brawn. The veterans know this and would not likely have made the same decision. I can't wait to see what twists happen next week! This is going to be a great season! 

Vag’s Evaluation
Boy, oh boy, what am I supposed to write about? I posted a “cheat sheet” at the top of the blog, so everyone, including yours truly, knows who is who. Hopefully, my partner in recapping, Mary Beth has gone over the details of the shocking opening twist, so I won’t. All I know is that my favorite returning player, Rupert, ended up on Redemption Island in the first 15 minutes of the show. And that’s only because he is a really man and not a pussy like Candice’s husband, John.

The first show of a season is always weird because we have to get to know the new castaways. Well, in season 27, because of the format, we only need to get to know half of them. Due to the fact that I am at a serious loss for what to write, I will give you my first impressions of both tribes.

Beginning with the returning players that make up the Galang tribe…

Aras, I barely remember him from Panama. Let’s hope you are more memorable this time around. Candice has a bigger set than her husband. You had better watch out, Rupert. Colton is a blubbering mess. I liked it better when he was mean-spirited. Gervase shouldn’t have bothered showing up. Although she is dumb as a box of rocks, Kat could possibly be the star this season.

Laura M. falls into the same category as Aras. The big boobs will only get her so far. I like the hat that Monica is sporting. Plus, she was very kind to Colton when he was weeping uncontrollably. Rupert is one of my all-time Survivor favorites. I’m hoping that the fourth time is a charm for the lovable pirate. Tina is looking pretty old. I don’t see her lasting very long. Tyson is my dark horse pick to make it deep into the game.

Now for the Tadhana tribe, the newbies, the loved ones…

Vytas is a recovering heroin junkie. He has been clean for 14 years. I wish him good luck. He’s going to need it with this tribe. See my comment for Candice when it comes to John. Dude needs to grow a pair. Fortunately for Colton, it looks like this isn’t a problem with his fiancé, Caleb. It will be interesting to see who goes home first, Marissa or her uncle Gervase. Let’s see, Hayden won Big Brother and is now he’s dating Kat. What did second place get?

I haven’t figured Ciera out yet. What was the point of revealing that you had your first baby when you were in high school? Brad is a marked man. Not only is he a stud, but Probst is calling him by his last name, “Culpepper”, not unlike Donaldson and Cochran. Laura B. is Rupert’s wife. Therefore, I suspect she comes from hearty stock. Katie’s mother, Tina looks pretty old. Rachel looks like she could have hung around with Vytas 14 years ago.

That’s all I got, except for two questions that I need answered. First, does Redemption Island come furnished with both fire and a finished shelter? And, secondly, how could the Tadhana be drinking water when they didn’t yet have fire? Fellow Survivor Geeks, help me!

Until next time…from the booth.

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