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Survivor 27.4

Mary Beth’s 2Cents: What’s Happening With Tadhana - Two weeks ago, when Peever and I decided to split up the tribes with him writing about Galang and me writing about Tadhana, I thought I would take some time to find the break out persona and write about that. What I discovered is that I don't like the people on the Tadhana tribe but I will admit that what they lack in personality they do make up in drama. There is an abundance of drama!

Last week, Tadhana voted John off to Redemption Island, a fact that did not sit well with skinny-lipped Candice who was already there. She didn't seem to understand that by continually giving him the clues to the hidden idol may have contributed to the big target on his back. Brad Culpepper, one of the only players this year that seems to be playing the game of Survivor tells his tribe that he “hooked John in” right from the start. Brad Culpepper talks too much and that might come back to bite him in the end.

At Redemption, Candice tells Probst that she was hoping the person voted off would be someone she “could hate! Someone like Brad Culpepper!!” She has it out for him because of the stuff Marissa's been telling her and now her beloved John was voted out too. John chimes in and tells them all not to trust Culpepper.

The Redemption Challenge was a rope maze through a ladder-type thing to release a bunch of puzzle pieces. First person to complete the puzzle wins. John makes easy work of this and easily wins the challenge. Marissa and Candace duke it out for a while but Candice steps up and wins which sends Marissa packing.

The winner, John, gets to give the clue to whomever he wants but does as he's told when Candice tells him to give it to Monica Culpepper. Not that it's personal or anything. Monica takes the clue and tosses it in the fire as if to say, “F... you!” Meanwhile, back at Redemption, alone at last, Candice and John are acting like they're at a Sandals Resort. EW! I dislike both of these people immensely.

Back at Tadhana, Brad has hurt feelings and pouts a lot while the others all pat him on the back to make him feel better. He turns around and points out the if the Galang tribe gets so upset when they vote out a loved one maybe they should vote out Caleb because his loved one, Colton, quit last week so they would have nothing to get mad about.

Hayden, Caleb and Vytas are creating their own alliance leaving Brad on the totem but very low on the totem indeed. Caleb, who may be smarter than he looks, says it's a good thing to keep Brad around because the spotlight is on him leaving the rest of them to do some dirty work and not get in trouble.

Both tribes come together for the Immunity/Reward Challenge. This time they have to paddle out to retrieve five crates, which they then use to build a stair case leading them to a puzzle which gives them the combination to a key which will allow them to raise their flag.

Reward is coffee, tea, biscotti and croissants or fishing gear. As always, Tadhana takes an early lead, easily paddling out and gathering their first crate. The lead last while Brad gets the remainder of the crates for Tadhana. Then, just as they are nearing the shore, all of the crates tumble out of the boat! Seriously! They lose the lead AGAIN!!

They muster it together and get on shore and catch up again at the puzzle portion of the challenge. Tadhana lets Ciera take the lead in completing the puzzle. Why? I don't know. She blew it the last time they did that and she blew it again this time. Tadhana loses again. AGAIN!! Hayden summed it up best when he said, “We lost to a one armed man and three moms.”

Before Tribal Council, Brad Culpepper tells the women he's voting for Caleb. He turns around and tells the men, he's voting for Ciera and then, because he cannot stop talking ever, he tells Caleb he told the women to vote for him. Of course, this set Caleb to thinking which leads to more drama at Tribal Council. Caleb admits he now does not trust Brad Culpepper and decides he's writing Brad's name down. He announces this to the rest of the tribe, which, of course, gives the women an out and a reprieve.

The first vote is tied three to three Ciera and Brad. The revote, with Ciera and Brad sitting out, is tallied and it's....drum roll please...Brad Culpepper is off to Redemption Island! I still don't like these people very much but they are pretty exciting to watch!

Vag’s Evaluation: What’s Going On With GalangHere we go again. It’s like déjà vu all over again. The episode starts out at Redemption Island and once again there is a “classy” broad flipping off Brad Culpepper. This time it is the lovely Candice. She is pissed off because the Tadhana voted off her wife John. Of course, she blames that all on Culpepper.

This week’s Redemption Island Duel involves maneuvering a key attached to a Nerf® football on a rope through a ladder bridge. John finishes first with his husband Candice coming in second. This eliminates little miss Potty-Mouth, Marissa. It also means that John has the privilege of awarding a Hidden Immunity Clue to anyone he likes. When Probst asks John who he would like to give it to, his husband, Candice quickly butts in and says, “We will give it to Monica.”


This causes Probst to enquire if that’s how it is at home as well. John giggles and responds that he lets Candice think he does as she says. He then promptly hands the clue to Monica. What’s another word for cat? To her, Monica tells John and his husband that she doesn’t need their stinking clue and tosses it into the fire. Obviously there is another woman besides Candice possessing more testosterone than John. And Probst is impressed.

Not much happens at Galang before the Immunity Challenge. Oh wait, Tyson and Gervase did form this wacky “Coconut Bandit” alliance. It involves the two of them carefully cutting into coconuts, drinking the milk and then replacing them in an effort to confuse the other members of the Galang tribe. Imagine the hilarity! Go ahead. Try to imagine it. I still am…

The Immunity Challenge entails the tribes to paddle, dive, and retrieve five crates. With the crates they must build a staircase, then make a puzzle that will give them a clue to which key to choose. If it is correct, a flag pops up and you win immunity. Along with coffee, tea, biscotti,  croissants and all the fixings. Blah, blah, blah…

Just like last week, the Tadhana tribe jumps out to any early lead only to have Galang totally dominate the puzzle-making portion of the challenge. And, like last week, it is Laura M. laying the ass whooping to her snot-nosed daughter, Ciera. And, like last week, Laura M. blubbers about having to beat her baby again. Blah, blah, blah…

Also like last week, Galang’s victory means that Mary Beth gets to report on crazy goings-on at Tribal Council. Oh well, at least my wish came true and Culpepper got to hook up with Candice and her husband, John at Redemption Island.

My Fellow Survivor Geek Question of the Week: Where did they find these people? It’s pretty bad when Krazy Kat is able to fly under the radar. Until next time…from the booth.

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