Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Confused in 2014

My dear 80-year-old mother is a big fan of GSN – the Game Show Network. Or as she calls it, “the channel with the quiz shows.” A few weeks back I innocently asked her what she though of the new Newlywed Game.  She paused momentarily and then said it was okay but that she doesn’t watch it anymore since “the gays” were on it. Evidently, George “Mr. Sulu” Takei appeared with his partner and that was the death knell for the new Newlywed Game for Mom. I guess having “the gays” on the show was a deal breaker.

I thought better of getting into a discussion with her about how times have changed and what things are now acceptable. Mom is pretty set in her ways and I respect her beliefs and feelings.

However, it did make me think about how I feel about the whole Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender situation. I guess it is more important about how I react to the LGBT situation because personally I don’t understand all of it, especially the bisexual and transgender part of it. But I’m working on it.

The reason I said it’s more important how I react to the situation is because events this past week have made aware of how I feel about certain aspects of “the gay” thing. This in turn made me think about how I reacted to these specific events. Or, how I did not.

The first circumstance was when first lady Michelle Obama felt it necessary to congratulate “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts and her newly acknowledged girlfriend, Amber Laign, as marks her stunning recovery from a bone marrow transplant.

“I am so happy for you and Amber!” the first lady tweeted Monday, while the first family spends the holidays in Hawaii. “You continue to make us all proud,” Obama added.

This confused me.

Was Mrs. Obama congratulating Roberts for coming out of the proverbial closet or for her valiant fight against her physical problems? If it was for the latter, I concur. As if it even matters what I think.

However, If it is for the former, I don’t get it. As most of us have, I have had several people in my life who have had to deal with horrendous physical hurdles. Never once were they applauded for their sexual preference. Why would that matter? Like I said, I don’t get it. I briefly talked about it with a close friend and let it go.

The other recent incident was the Internet rumor that Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers was gay. Wow, shades of 2003 when Terrell Owens accused former teammate Jeff Garcia of being gay. First of all, who cares? Secondly, why would it be termed an “accusation?”

Evidently there are people who do care. Check out this Facebook exchange regarding Rodgers being gay that took place yesterday:

Packer Fan to Bear Fan: “So you’re saying the Bears lost to a gay QB on Sunday? EmBEARassing.”

To which the Bear Fan responded: “Not as embarrassing as having a homo in the locker room.”

I’m not making this shit up. People in 2014 are honestly thinking this way. Homo? Really? I haven’t heard that used in intelligent conversation in the last decade or so.

To his credit, Rodgers brought up the Internet speculation during his “Tuesdays with Aaron” radio show with host Jason Wilde on 540 ESPN.

During the show, Wilde asked Rodgers about the negative aspects of being celebrity. Rodgers spoke about how hard it was to be “on” for fans, and explained why he did not like taking pictures while eating. He then addressed the recent Internet rumors about him being gay, a subject Rodgers raised without being prompted.

“I’m just going to say I’m not gay,” Rodgers said. “I really, really like women. That’s all I can say about that.”

Wilde, who was seemingly unsure how to address the awkward topic, said he felt bad about hearing the rumors because it depicted being gay as something negative, but Rodgers continued with the conversation.

“There’s always going to be silly stuff out there in the media,” Rodgers said. “You can’t worry too much about. I don’t. Just keep on trucking. I think professional is professional and personal is personal. That’s just how I’m going to keep it.”

Too bad more people don’t think like Jason Wilde rather than those knuckle draggers on Facebook. I honestly don’t care about what the sexual preference of a celebrity might be. I do care when the media makes a big deal about it. And even more so when morons think it’s their place to make negative comments about it.

Oh well, I’m still a bit confused. Happy New Year. Until next time…from the booth.

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