Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ginger or Mary Ann?

My blog today tackles that classic question – Ginger or Mary Ann? It’s a question as much about personality and hopes as it is about looks. Ginger had the va-va-voom figure, the sparkly gowns and the sultry Marilyn Monroe voice. On the other hand, while Mary Ann also had a lovely figure, she was as all-American as the flag. Ginger was the unattainable dream, Mary Ann the more realistic girl next door. Later in the blog, I will reveal whom I was more attracted to.


 But, before I do that, there are nine other groups of TV females that I will give my opinion on…

Saved By The Bell – Lisa Turtle, Kelly Kapowski or Jessie Spano? The truth be told, it was none of these three. It was Nikki Coleman from the early episodes. Heather Hopper who had a striking resemblance to my old girlfriend Michelle portrayed her. Google Hopper.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show – Rhoda Morgenstern or Mary Richards? Give me Mary. She had me from her days on the Dick Van Dyke Show. I think it was those tight Capri pants…

Charlie’s Angels – Kelly Garrett, Jill Munroe or Sabrina Duncan? This was a toughie. I went back and forth for a while. Then I remembered THE poster and it was easy. The winner is Jill!

The Brady Bunch – Cindy Brady, Marcia Brady or Jan Brady? This was much easier. It was Jan when I was in high school and forty years later it’s still Jan.

Monk – Sharona Fleming or Natalie Teeger? Another no-brainer – Sharona. She was also cute as Evelyn Gardner in A League of Their Own. Although, I have to admit, Natalie was kind of attractive as Sharon Carter on Two Guys and a Girl.

Saturday Night Live – Tina Fey or Amy Poehler? No offense to Amy, but it has to be Tina. What can I say? She’s Sarah Palin with brains. 

That 70’s Show – Donna Pinciotti or Jackie Burkhart? Despite Jackie being über-hot, I have always been a fan of Donna. Except when she went out with Kelso’s brother. Or that Randy guy. Bitch…

Cheers – Diane Chambers or Rebecca Howe? Diane gets the nod here. If possible, Rebecca was even more annoying than she was. Plus, Diane played the good-hearted prostitute, Belinda Keaton in Night Shift.

WKRP in Cincinnati – Bailey Quarters or Jennifer Marlowe? I’ll leave Jennifer for Burt Reynolds and take Bailey. She was just so gosh-darned wholesome.

And finally…

Gilligan’s Island – Ginger Grant or Mary Ann Summers? No, I’m not gonna say Lovie Howell. It had to be Mary Ann. I guess it’s for many of the same reasons I chose Bailey. You have to admit, she’s quite adorable.

Okay, I bared my soul and gave my choices. There ya go. What about you? Leave a comment here or on my Facebook page and let me know you would choose. Until next time…from the booth.

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