Sunday, May 10, 2015

Best 1st Baseman Finals!

The finals for the “Best 1st basemen I Ever Saw” are set. And, fittingly, we have a first – a tie! Check out these results:


Gene Willems – 73%
Dan McGonegle – 27%

Bill Johnson – 50%
Tom Beth – 50%

Because Johnson and Beth ended in a draw, BOTH will join Willems in the finals. Who will join pitcher Rocky Tirabassi on my “Best I Ever Saw” all-time team? Will it be Gene “Gino” Willems, Bill “White Shoes” Johnson or the late Tom “Bads” Beth?

As always, the poll is located just to the right of the blog. Remember, if you are using a smartphone, make sure you scroll to the bottom and click on view web version to find the poll.

The finals poll will be open until Tuesday at 6:00pm. On Wednesday, the first round of the “Best I Ever Saw” 2nd Basemen tournament will kick off.

Until next time…from the booth.

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