Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Best Ever Tourney Continues

We have a winner for the Best Pitcher I Ever Saw. Rocky Tirabassi emerged victorious over the Wizard in a tough battle. The results:

Rocky Tirabassi – 55%
Wizard Petersen – 45%

To get to the finals, Rocky knocked off Danny Llanas and the Wizard beat Mario Bonofiglio. The other Final 8 pitchers were Ed Van Tine, Jim Nehls, Mike Oblen and John Ruffolo.

Before moving on to the Best 1st Baseman I Ever Saw, I wanted to list the hurlers that didn’t quite make the Final 8.

Honorable Mention Pitchers: Wilbur Buckle, Rick Bloomquist, Tom Cucciare, Greg Czarnecki, Dennis FitzGerald, Gary Larson, Tim Gascoigne, Tony Halpin, Pat Hegewald, Gordy Hess, Jerry Kostreva, Kevin Loef, Dennis “Satch” Lumley and Lonnie McCrossen.

Now it’s time for the next round, the first sackers. Here are the opening matchups:

A. Gene Willems vs. Ron Schuler
B. Dan McGonegle vs. Ron Schmitz
C. Tom Beth vs. Jim Darula
D. Bill Johnson vs. Tom Sorensen

These are the Honorable Mention 1st Basemen: Rade Dimitrijevic, Chuck Portilia, John McQuestion, Jeff Kaeppeler, Mark Montague, Mark Epping, Kevin Mikolas, Beaver Griffiths and Jon Arena.

Once again, the poll is on the right side of the blog. Please vote for all 4 matchups and come back on Friday to vote for the semifinalists.

Until next time…from the booth.

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