Saturday, March 26, 2016

Final Four

We now have the Final Four for the Tournament of Classic TV Pulchritude! The results from the Elite Eight matches show us how we got there:

EAST Finals
Mary Ann Summers 64% over Diane Chambers 36%

Samantha Stevens 71% over Donna Pinciotti 29%

WEST Finals
Catwoman 64% over Bailey Quarters 36%

SOUTH Finals
Rachel Green 57% over Betty Rubble 43%

Well, the cartoon character finally went down as Rachel Green squeaked by. It was a nice run, Betty! Meanwhile, Mary Ann, Samantha and Catwoman continue to dominate. That leaves us with these Final Four matchups:

Semifinal #1
Mary Ann Summers vs. Samantha Stevens

Semifinals #2
Catwoman vs. Rachel Green

The poll is now open for the Final Four. As always, base your voting on the character and not the actress herself! The voting ends Sunday night at midnight. On Monday, it will be the Finals for the Tournament of Classic TV Pulchritude. Finally!

Until next time…from the booth.

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