Monday, March 28, 2016

The Finals!

March Madness is coming to a close. At least for the Tournament of Classic TV Pulchritude! After four grueling rounds of competition we have arrived at our two finalists – Samantha Stevens of Bewitched and Rachel Green of Friends. These are the paths these two lovely ladies took to get to the finals:

Samantha won her opening match in the Midwest bracket over Jeannie Nelson by a mere 4%. After that she gained momentum. She thumped Thelma Lou in the finals of their bracket by 24%. Samantha then demoralized Donna Pinciotti in the semifinals by 42% to reach the championship round.

Rachel’s journey to the Finals was similar. In the opening round, she handily disposed of her Friends roommates, Phoebe and Monica to advance to the finals of the South bracket. She then flattened Jill Munroe by 54% to move onto the semis. There, Rachel crushed cartoon cutie, Betty Rubble by 14%.

There you have it. Samantha vs. Rachel. Vote, Chicago style, early and often!

The poll is now open for the Finals. As always, base your voting on the character and not the actress herself! We will crown our Queen of Classic TV Pulchritude after the voting ends on Wednesday night at midnight!

Until next time…from the booth.

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