Saturday, March 19, 2016

More Madness!

It’s March Madness time! There tournaments all over the place. The state high school tourneys are wrapping this weekend. In college there is the NCAA, the NIT and a couple of new ones whose names I don’t even know.

Due to all of the madness, I have decided to come up with a new tournament of my own. It starts with a field of 34 competitors. It begins tonight and will conclude Tuesday March 29. It is called… You ready for this? It is…

The Tourney of Classic TV Pulchritude

That’s right a brand new March tournament. Talk about madness!

The premise behind this tourney is to decide who is the most beautiful lady from the Classic TV era. The impetus for this comes from the timeless debate, “Mary Ann or Ginger.” In fact, that is the first “game” in the East bracket of the tourney. All of the opening rounds pit ladies that appeared on the same TV show or from a similar genre.

Here are the opening matchups:

1. Mary Ann Summers vs. Ginger Grant
2. Lucy Ricardo vs. Ethel Mertz
3. Diane Chambers vs. Rebecca Howe
4. Morticia Addams vs. Lilly Munster

1. Samantha Stevens vs. Jeannie Nelson
2. Helen Crump vs. Thelma Lou
3. Jackie Burkhart vs. Donna Pinciotti
4. Laverne De Fazio vs. Shirley Feeney

1. Jennifer Marlowe vs. Bailey Quarters
2. Mary Richards vs. Rhoda Morgenstern
3. Catwoman vs. Batgirl
4. Marcia Brady vs. Jan Brady

1. Chrissie Snow vs. Janet Wood
2. Wilma Flinstone vs. Betty Rubble
3. Monica Geller vs. Rachel Green vs. Phoebe Buffay
4. Sabrina Duncan vs. Jill Munroe vs. Kelly Garrett

Please cast your votes in the poll located to the right of this blog. When making your choices, please remember you are voting for the character, not the actress. The voting for the opening round commences tonight and runs through Monday. The winners will move on to Tuesday where the voting will begin for the Sweet Sixteen.

Until next time…from the booth.

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