Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finally…Someone To Hate!

As most regular readers of this blog know, I love sports. One of the things that I like about sports is having a player or a team to pull for, something to root for. Among the individuals that I pull for are Prince Fielder, Clay Matthews and Maria Sharapova. The teams that I root for are the Milwaukee Brewers and the Green Bay Packers. When I am watching a Brewer or Packer game, I always have a rooting interest. I cheer for them and against whomever they are playing. It’s easy. But what happens when I am watching a sporting event that doesn’t involve one of my favorites? That’s just easy.

I root against the team or person that I hate.

In baseball that would be the Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals and New York Yankees. In football it’s the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears. In tennis it’s the Williams sisters. You get the point. The Vikings could be playing the Nazis and I would be pulling for Adolph’s boys.

Sometimes it is just as fun to root against someone that you can’t stand, as it is to pull for a favorite. That’s what why Survivor: Nicaragua has finally become enjoyable – I have someone to hate!

After tonight’s episode of the award-winning reality show, I finally have someone to hate and I’m loving it! At long last I am back to looking forward to Wednesday nights. (Although it should be Thursday nights.)

In last week’s Survivor Blog I listed Yve, Kelly B. and Dr. Jill as “The Halfway Decent Folks”. Well, they have all been sent home.

Yve and Kelly B. were voted out last week and the two scoundrels that I now officially hate – Sash and Brenda, eliminated Dr. Jill tonight.

I know, I know, I can hear Sue all the way from Britain reminding me that Brenda was one of my early favorites. That was based purely on looks. It was before I knew that she was an arrogant and manipulative little bitch. Now I abhor her.

The reason for my loathing of Sash (besides his name) is that he is an arrogant and manipulative little bitch. Hey, what a coincidence!

To see the smug duo gloating about how hard they had the “old people” working started my contempt building. When Sash said he really didn’t care what they did as long as they voted the way he told them to, that was it! The deal was sealed – I had someone to officially hate!

Tonight’s Highlights:

• Chase getting hit in the “lunch box” with a ball during the Reward Challenge. Don’t worry, Sue, I think he will be okay.

• During that same Reward Challenge, Fabio pauses to relieve himself in the pool. Everyone was quite disgusted when he admitted what he was doing.

• Danny not even being able to jump into the water when he threw the ball. The man is useless.

• Nasty Nay at the Reward attempting to milk a cow on the Nicaraguan farm was entertaining. She was quite pleased that she touched a cow’s “nipple”.

• Jane, forced to be the fisherman of the La Flor tribe, catches two big catfish. She keeps one for the tribe but sneaks into the woods and eats the other one herself. The old girl makes me laugh.

• Host Jeff Probst and the dimwitted Fabio discussing the merits of Freudian psychology at Tribal Council. This came about after Sash made a glaring Freudian slip under Probst’s interrogation.

All in all, it was a very good show. Coming attractions hint that there will be a merge next week. That means Nasty Nay will be reunited with scumbags Sash and Brenda. More people to hate!

The best part is that sooner or later the good-for-nothing scoundrels will turn on each other and begin backstabbing one another. Sort of like when the Cubs play the Cardinals or when the Vikings take on the Bears. Until next time…from the booth.


Leplume said...

Oh yes! I was back in the seat to watch last night. I missed last week so I had to read your blog to catch up! Oh man, where to start....All I can say is if they do not get that Nay off this show I don't know what I'll do. I cannot stand her in any way!!

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

MB, did you see the coming attraction? Nasty Nay is rifling through all of the goodies they got from the merge. I think it's starting to get much better…finally!

Sue said...

Brenda, Fabio, Sash, Nasty Nay - are there any good ones ? I bet even 'lunch box' is not going to be. Well at least it sounds like it could be going to get interesting.

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

The 3 good ones have been elimimnated, Sue. It's getting tough to determine who else is a good one. As far as Chase goes, his "Lunch Box" is currently a bit dented, but he may turn out okay.