Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Strike Two!

Last week’s snooze fest was strike one. Tonight’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua was no better, making the count 0 and 2. To be honest with you, halfway through this evening’s installment I was really considering changing things next week and recording Survivor and watching Hell’s Kitchen live. That way I could watch and write my Survivor blog on Thursday like the good old days. But being the levelheaded chap that I am, I will give it one more week. Besides, I saw something in the coming attractions at the end of the show that gave me a glimmer of hope.

What we were given tonight really doesn’t merit much of a recap. So here it is, short and sweet –

• Old Fart Jimmy T. reminds me of Reverend Jim Ignatowski from the TV show “Taxi”.

• Nay of the Young Snots makes Russell Hantz look like a sweetheart.

• Marty of the Old Farts is a pompous ass.

• Jimmy T. should shut his mouth. Man…

• Nay is a bad person.

• Fabio made me laugh when he said, “God bless Sears” when his Young Fart tribe collected their Sears swag after winning the Challenge.

• Marty is a total jerk.

• Speaking of Challenges. Once again they combined the Reward and the Immunity Challenges. This is beginning to suck.

• Nay is not only an evil Angry Black Woman, she is stupid as well.

• Everyone trusts Young Fart Brenda.

• The Old Farts are as idiotic as the Young Farts, but in a different way.

• At Tribal Council Jimmy T. started crying when Tyrone told him he would better serve the Old Farts as follower.

• Guess we won’t find out if Jimmy T. takes Tyrone’s advice because they voted his crazy ass off.

I imagine it would have made too much sense to eliminate mob boss wannabe Danny off. After all he can’t compete in Challenges when it’s muddy. Or wet. Or if the ground isn’t level. Or if he had too much prosciutto.

Enough already. If I write any more, I will start recording Survivor next week. Only because of the tease during the coming attractions will I watch Survivor live next week. You just know they had to mix the tribes up sooner or later. I just hope that evil Nay and Marty the jerk get on the same tribe.

Until next time…from the booth.


Susan "SB2" said...

Let me guess. The old people lost. What a shocker! LOL Sues

Leplume said...

Man, do I agree with you. This season is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Nay is just stupid. Can't compare her with Russell because at least he had a brain. Jimmy T was annoying me but then again so were the rest of them. I actually started turning back and forth from America's Next Top Model to Survivor. Shows how bored I was!! Next week better be better than this.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear not even Survivor can brighten mid week. Why is it we always believe the 'tantalising' snippets they show that make you believe you had better watch it next week as you may miss something really good? Let's see what next week brings but it seems to me Hell's Kitchen may be more exciting.

Alaska Karen said...

Spot on Paul with regards to Rev. Ignatowski and diarrhea mouth JimmyT.Hilarious pic!
There were cheers all around at my house when the final vote was counted. Let's hope the same result is ahead for Nay Nay. Nah Nah.
I am not ready to give up yet on Survivor, but something better change next week or I will reconsider. And what is up with Jeff this season? What is with the leading questions and the constant "probesting" to stir up the negative and get people to bitch about each other? Yackity yackity. Is he hoping that attracks better ratings and return viewers? Must be, cause combining the challenge and immunity sucks the big whazoo.

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Sues - this group of Old Farts are trying hard to prove that they are as stupid as the Young Snots this season.

MB - You are right about Nay. I should have not mentioned her in the same breath as Hall-of-Famer Russell.

Britain Sue - I will definitely give it another week. It looks like they are going to shake up the tribes, so that might make things a little more interesting.

Alaska Karen - I think that you hit it right on the head about Probst; he's trying to save this season! And the "combo" challenges have to stop!

Sue said...

Why did mine come out as 'Anonymous'!! Still you knew it was me. What's happened to your 'favourite' Brenda - no mention of her. 'Til next week.

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Brenda is trusted by everyone; even the angry black woman, Nay. One of your "lunch box" boys has befriended her as well!