Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I’m So Confused

I had high expectations for tonight’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua. All week long I saw advertisements that there was going to be not one, but two Tribal Councils. On top of that, there would be Individual Immunity up for grabs. That sounded promising didn’t it? I was anticipating some extraordinary Survivor action. Well, approximately 12 minutes into the show, with the Immunity Challenge action complete, it seemed like any hope of anything exceptional happening were nonexistent. Then a bunch of “stuff” happened and I was very satisfied. I’m just not quite sure what happened. I’m so confused.

Let’s see if I can figure this thing out.

Here is what I do know; it’s hard to find someone to root for this season. While watching tonight I put the competitors into the following categories:

The Good-for-Nothing Dirtballs

The Brainless Morons

The Halfway Decent Folks
Dr. Jill
Kelly B.

I couldn’t quite determine which category to put Sash and Purple Kelly into, but I am pretty certain I that I can’t root for people with names like that.

Regular readers of this blog might be surprised that I put the lovely Brenda into the Dirtball group. After tonight, I had to. Even though she’s a lot better looking, she is getting just as cocky and arrogant as Marty.

Another thing that I know is that Nay is both nefarious and not very bright. A lethal combination.

Not having anyone to root for, you can understand why I thought tonight had the potential to turn into a snoozer after Dr. Jill and Holly had won the Individual Immunity Challenges. All there was to look forward to were the two Tribal Councils.

Prior to the Tribal Councils there was the usual plotting and backstabbing, but it was nothing special. La Flor had targeted Marty and Kelly B., while Espada planned on taking out Yve or Dan.

Maybe it was at Tribal Council that something magical happened to make tonight’s episode come close to meeting the lofty expectations I had set forth.

Yes, now that I think of it, that is definitely where it happened! And it was because of one man – Jeff Probst.

After playing host to Survivor for over 20 seasons, Probst knows who to target at Tribal Council and what burning issues to get stirred up. The questions he asks would make the late Johnny Carson proud. He made Tribal Council special tonight.

While I have figured out why tonight’s Survivor put me on such an emotional rollercoaster, I am still a bit confused.

Kelly B. and Yve, two of the Halfway Decent Folks, were eliminated. All this did was insure us that we wouldn’t see the psychotic Nay beat Kelly B. with her own prosthetic leg.

There are now two less respectable people to root for. The fools on Espada keep on voting off people because they are a threat, not caring how it decimates their tribe.

The moronic Fabio believes Marty’s story about being a grand master chess champion and therefore thinks he is “really smart”. If that wasn’t bad enough, beefcake Chase declared, “The only one I trust is Nay.” Huh?

Now can you see why I’m so confused? Until next time…from the booth.


Sue said...

Confused - so am I. So Brenda is a 'dirt ball' - well at least until next week and Chase is a Brainless Moron' - well that makes sense. But Confused I am as there does not seem to be an awful lot happening.

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

That's the thing Sue, it was mostly Tribal Council. This meant very little action but a lot of bickering, accusations and squirming.

The host, Jeff Probst is an expert at asking just the right question to get the ball rolling. Plus he can read expressions very well. He saved the show last night.