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Survivor 26.11

Here is the Official Survivor: Caramoan Recap for week eleven:

Mary Beth’s 2Cents:
In the aftermath of last week's epic tribal council, it was interesting to see everyone congratulating Malcolm, Eddy and Reynolds for perpetrating the demise of Special Agent Phil. Clearly, though the other were respectfully stunned by what happened, they were also all really happy that the nutcake that is Philip was finally gone! Cochran even expressed deep awe at how it all played out.

But after 29 days away from family and friends, even the kick in the pants to Phil could not keep their spirits up. People were starting to crack. They say they're hungry (though for the life of me I don't know why because they're eating something all the time), and tired and emotionally spent. Brenda broke down in tears and I think I could hear Paul getting a little sniffly at home too. His girl was hurting!

But never fear, it was time for the Food Auction once again and that perked everyone right up! Malcolm, thinking ahead, knew there was bound to be some kind of advantage on the auction block and vowed to forego bidding on food items for it. So what does that cute dunderhead do? The minute Probst brings up peanuts and beer, Malcolm shouts out a bid! Yup, he couldn't control himself and used some of his precious money for peanuts and a couple of beers.

The rest the auction was pretty textbook. Reynold won the bid on a “blind item” which he was given three options to choose. He wouldn't listen to Cochran who suggested trading his original choice and ended up spending a lot of money on one slice of pizza. Sherri blurted out that she would give all of her money for the rest of that pizza and Probst took her up on it. Dawn paid $500 for a roasted chicken. Malcolm used the rest of his money to get a clue that only he could see – for 60 seconds. It was a clue to where another idol was hidden.

Andrea bought spaghetti and garlic bread and fine Chianti but she was given the option to skip that for a bag of rice and beans for camp. She took the rice and beans. Cochran held out and got the advantage in the Immunity Challenge.

Throughout all of this Brenda was too scared to bid. She almost had to be talked into it. She finally forked over $300 and when Probst took the lid off the plate it was a pile of pigs brains. EW! Anyone who had $20 could get a letter from home. This left Malcolm, Sherri and Dawn out because they spent all of their money.

Finally, for $200, Eddie bought a huge bowl of peanut butter that he had to share with everyone. It was pretty gross watching them grab handfuls of the stuff and shove it in their faces. Sherri was even feeding Cochran who eagerly licked peanut butter off her fingers. Considering none of these people have bathed in weeks it looked pretty disgusting.

Back at camp, emotions ran high as they read their letters from home. Even Cochran got weepy and that made me get a little weepy too. I'm a wimp that way. The Three Amigos – Malcolm, Eddie and Reynold – knew they had some work ahead of them so they began courting Sherri and Erik to try to get them to join up with them.

Malcolm awoke in the wee hours of the morning to go look for the idol for which he had a clue but sneaky Andrea saw him and tailed him mercilessly. She staged a little “sit in” and wouldn't leave unless he did. Malcolm referred to her as “the little sister I can't get rid of”. She was more like a gnat… you swat it and swat it and it just keeps buzzing in your face. I'm not a big fan of Andrea. She needs to be gone soon.

The Immunity Challenge was a classic show of strength and endurance. Each person had to hold up heavy logs using one hand on a rope. In five-minute increments they had to move their hand lower to a new knot each time until they reached the end. The last person standing wins.

Cochran's advantage from the auction was that he could move his hand up two knots at any time. He's a smart cookie, that one. He used his advantage when they all got move the second time which put him right back on top and ensured he would never get to the end where there was no knot. One by one, they all dropped off – Brenda, Erik, Sherri, Malcolm, Andrea, Dawn, Reynold, and Eddie – in that order. Which means, Cochran won! He later pointed out that in the past he was always ostracized for not being a threat in challenges but now he's won HALF of the individual immunity challenges so he is indeed a threat.

There was a lot of scrambling before Tribal. Everyone was trying to figure out the best plan and who to vote with and for and whatnot. By the time they got there I wasn't sure who was going. But I was also worried. The remaining Stealth R Us alliance still had the numbers and they really wanted Malcolm gone. After the votes were in it ended up being a three-way tie with Malcolm, Reynold and Andrea and that was when I knew what was going to happen. It was clear as day that my Malcolm was going home. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I'm not a very happy baldy at the moment.

Vag’s Evaluation: Well, well, well, another outstanding episode of the greatest reality show ever. We had it all tonight. There was crying, an auction, an all time great quote, some more crying, an unlikely winner in the Immunity Challenge, some scrambling and conniving and in the end, Mary Beth has her heart broken. What a show!

The episode starts with my girl Brenda crying her pretty little eyes out. Fortunately, Dawn, of all people, consoles her and is able to get her to turn the waterworks off. Good thing, I thought I might have to check my Frequent Flyer miles and book a flight to the Philippines.

With that situation under control, it was time for a Survivor classic – the Food Auction with each castaway given $500 to bid with. Here’s who won what:

Malcolm - $20 for beer, peanuts and pretzels.
Reynold - $180 for one slice of pizza.
Sherri - $500 for the rest of the pizza.
Dawn - $500 for a roasted chicken.
Malcolm - $480 for secret info regarding ANOTHER Hidden Immunity Idol.
Andrea - $280 for a spaghetti dinner, which she graciously exchanged for beans and rice for the camp.
Cochran - $320 for an advantage in the Immunity Challenge. More on that later.
Brenda - $300 for a plate of pig brain. What gives?! She doesn’t even eat pork!
Everyone who had $20 left was able to buy the treasured letters from loved ones. The only ones not able to purchase this were Dawn, Sherri and Malcolm.
Eddie - $200 for a giant bowl of peanut butter that he had to share with the other castaways. The only caveat was they only had 60 seconds to scarf up as much as possible. This was quite interesting to say the least.

Plus, it produced the magnificent quote.

As the castaways were gobbling up the creamy goodness, Sherri scooped up a big glob and flirtatiously offered it to Cochran, who proceeded to seductively lick it off of her fingers. With a big grin on his face, everyone’s favorite nerd, said to host Jeff Probst, “Did you see that?” A smiling Probst said, “I did. How often does that happen?” Without blinking, Cochran smugly replied, “More often than you think.”

What a moment! What a quote! What a nerd!
Back at camp, there was more blubbering. Sherri and Dawn were sniveling because they didn’t get the letters from their love ones, while Brenda and Cochran wept because they did. Tears of joy, I suppose. All I know is that there was plenty of boo-hooing going on.

Early the next morning, Malcolm tried to slip away to search for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Much to his chagrin, Andrea saw him and followed him relentlessly, not letting the studly bohunk out of her sight. When he saw that she wasn’t going away, he returned to camp frustrated without the Hidden Immunity Idol.

At the Immunity Challenge, the competitors had to hold up a large log with a knotted rope using only one hand. Every five minutes they had to move down one knot, making it increasingly harder. This is when we learned that Cochran’s advantage was that at any time he could move back up two knots. This proved to be crucial, because at the end when the rest had no more knots and only the end of the rope to grasp, Cochran still had a knot to hang onto.

Here is the order they dropped out: Brenda, Erik (wuss), Sherri, Malcolm, Andrea, Dawn, Reynold, Eddie, with Cochran and his Kung Fu grip winning Individual Immunity. It makes you wonder where he developed such strength in his hand!

Before Tribal Council there was some scrambling and conniving by the Three Amigos – Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie. They attempted to sway Sherri and Erik into their alliance, but were not successful. Even so, Tribal Council wasn’t without a modicum of suspense.

The first vote end with benevolent Andrea, Malcolm and Reynold all receiving three votes. With those three unable to vote in the second vote, Malcolm was sent home unanimously, even garnering Amigo Eddie’s vote. It was at this point that I heard a loud NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! coming from Mary Beth’s house near Lake Michigan. Alas, her boyfriend is now relegated to hanging out with Michael and Special Agent Phil on the jury.

That’s it. Only two more Wednesday episodes until the big finale on Sunday, May 12th. Until next time…from the booth.

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