Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Is It!

Tonight marked the final Thursday of the 20th edition of Survivor. In my opinion, Heroes vs. Villains was without a doubt the most enjoyable season of the award-winning reality show. It was the third time that there was an “All-Star” cast, but the first two cannot compare. It's not even close. On Sunday night the two-hour season finale takes place and is followed by the reunion show. The first order of business on the reunion show will be to reveal the Sole Survivor.

We will have to wait until 9:00 p.m. Central Time to see who wins the million dollars. But, for what it’s worth I am willing to share with you the way I would like to see this epic season conclude. Please keep in mind that this is the way that I want it to play out, not necessarily the way I think that it will.

5. The first person that has to be eliminated on Sunday night is the annoying Sandra. Forget the fact that she is horrible in challenges; she has easily been the most irritating person this season. Every time the woman opens her mouth I cringe. It’s not just the accent; it’s the stupid things she says. The sooner she goes the better.

4. For his own good the next to go should be the hunky Colby Donaldson. Not only will an early exit prevent him further embarrassment during challenges, but also it will give him the opportunity to get some much-needed rest. I swear I saw him nodding off during tonight’s Tribal Council. Colby has gotten old.

3. If it wasn’t for Sandra’s obnoxiousness and Colby’s ineptness, Parvati would have been my choice to be the first to go. If you look up diva in the dictionary I am pretty sure you fill find a picture of Parvati. You will also her picture by haughty, arrogant, pretentious, conceited and pompous. Hopefully some day someone will be kind enough to inform her that her shit does indeed stink.

2. It’s pretty bad when Jerri becomes the voice of reason, but she has. Of all the castaways this season, she has been the most levelheaded and least abrasive. Which is quite remarkable given her past performances. On top of that she has done a very respectable job in the challenges. She has a good shot at taking home that giant check signed by Mark Burnett.

1. There is only one person worthy of being the Sole Survivor of Heroes vs. Villains. That would be the Hall-of-Famer Russell Hantz. No one comes close to him in this game I love so much. They should put his picture on every Hidden Immunity Idol in all future seasons of Survivor. Damn, I am going to miss him.

There you have it. That is the way that I would like to see things happen Sunday night. But they won’t. There is no way that Russell will win it all. He will never be able to garner enough jury votes. He couldn’t do it last season and he won’t do it this time either.

Yes, he lied, cheated and bullied people at times, but so did everyone else. He just did it so much better than anyone else. That’s why he won’t get their votes. They resent his superiority. When it comes to Survivor, Russell Hantz is the best there is, was and ever will be.

Sadly that’s it for this Thursday. Next week I will probably be watching the Brewers and the Pirates play ball. But before then I will be anxiously watching Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains on Sunday night hoping for a Russell miracle. Until then…from the booth.


Sue said...

We wait.......................

Leplume said...

As annoying as Sandra is, the best move for Russell would be to get rid of Parvati. She is too influential and can get both Geri and Sandra to do what she wants. With her gone, the other two don't have a single brain between them!

I have to ask again, what the heck is with Colby? Wasn't he the "golden boy" of his season? The man can do nothing right! I loved how he was blaming his brother for everything during the challenge. What a wimp!

Speaking of wimps, when did Rupert get so whiney? I love the guy, don't get me wrong, but that whiney voice of his was starting to get to me. I really wanted it to be Rupert and Russell in the finale but that wouldn't have worked to Russell's advantage.

Can't wait for Sunday. I'll be sad to see the show end but I still can't wait to see how it all works out!

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Mary, you are probably right about the Parvati thing. As far as Colby goes, his "hey day" was nearly 10 years ago and it shows. FSG Jamie went so far as to use the "P-word" when describing him. And Rupert…did you see the menacing look he shot at Russell as he left? Epic!

I agree with both you and British Sue, I can't wait until Sunday!

Alaska Karen said...

What started out as high anticipation ended with a "whump" as the dust settled.

Screaming was heard at our house when Parvati won immunity. Argggh. So not worthy.

Colby's blame game during the challenge...dissing every move his brother made was shameful and left me with little respect for his attitude this time around playing Survivor. Tsk.Go home already.

Body bags were nearly needed with the evil withering look cast from Rupert's eyes after he was voted out-creepy and un-Rupert-like.

Seems like we have had several experienced folks either burned out, not fully engaged or playing under duress this final show. Except, it seems, for Pukearti and Snarkandra.

What the jury says and decides will be worth watching.
As Bette Davis said, "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy ride."

Gregory (Greg) P Turco said...

It was another good episode this week. The producers are smart to have a challenge that forces the players to pick sides for the reward. The show was edited to look like there was a chance the Villain alliance was breaking up, but I don't think that was going to happen.

I like Sandra more than you do. She is not really a member of Parvati-Russell alliance, and so she does not fit in.

She might make it to the end so that they can vote out a more likeable villain. I think she has a good chance of getting to the final three.

Having said that, my bet for the final three is Parvati, Russell and Jerri. it probably turns on who can win the challenge.

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Alaska Karen, so who are you pulling for to win it all?

Greg, if your theory plays out and that is the final three, the Sole Survivor will be Jerri in a landslide.