Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My All Star Team

Tonight is All Star night for major league baseball and I have decided to name the teams for my All Star game. However they won’t be made up of baseball players. These teams will consist of the greatest softball players that I have ever seen play. This isn't scientific or anything, just my opinion. But please keep in mind that I saw approximately 32 games a week between managing the 400 Club and announcing at historic Finney’s West. I guess that gives me a little credibility.

Obviously there has to be two teams, so I have decided to name a Kenosha All Star team and an Out of Town All Star team. The game would be played at Finney’s West when it was in it’s infancy…a pristine ballpark, complete with phones to the booth in the dugouts.

First the Out of Towners. This team is made up of players from outside Kenosha – primarily Racine, Milwaukee and northern Illinois.

P – Ron Funderbird
C – Mike Much
1B – Ron Danoski
2B – John Foster
3B – Ira Williams
SS – Derek Gallagher
OF – Arlis Jones
OF – Phil Higgins
OF – Louis Armstrong
OF – Rocky Witzman
DH – Ken Parker
Manager – Bob “The Guru” Dahl

Now for their opposition, the Kenosha All Stars.

C – Bill Johnson
P – Gary “The Wizard” Peterson
1B – Gene Willems
2B – Dick Laba
3B – Jim “Downtown” Brown
SS – Bruce “Hollywood” Meyers
OF – Rich Baumgarten
OF – Gene Heckel
OF – Mark Hackbarth
OF – Jack Zimmerman
DH – Bill “Mountain” Griffiths
Manager – Paul “Puddles” Vagnoni

There you have it, my All Star teams. I know there will be many dissenting opinions, but hey, these are my selections. That’s why I get to manage the Kenosha Stars. If you feel so inclined, leave your picks in the comment section or on facebook. Until next time…from the booth.

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