Saturday, July 31, 2010

Survey Results Part 2

In my blog titled “Survey Results Are In” I promised to reveal the answers that were submitted to survey question number 9. As I wrote on Thursday, the replies were so creative that I had to devote an entire blog to them. You people really outdid yourselves! To be honest, the question, “What subject would you like me to blog about next?” was somewhat self-serving. Not only were some answers amusing, but also several of them did indeed spark ideas for future blogs. Again I thank you all.

Here are the responses:

Gary – “Just why is it that you so dislike the Cubs?” A fair question Gary and it just might merit a future blog. I will give you a bit of a tease; it started on December 6, 1973 and went downhill from there.

Mary Beth – “Since I'm dieting and you're Italian and there was bound to be some amazing food around your house when you were growing up, how about blogging about the best thing you ever ate!” I don’t know about an entire blog but I would be willing to post some of the recipes from a little book that the Vagnoni family put together.

Mike – “The one and only Pro Speaking Inc on Busch Blvd.” Mike is referring to Professionally Speaking, a telemarketing company that I worked at briefly. Hmmm, that might just open a whole series of blogs.

Patty 4-Names – “Food” Please see my response to Mary Beth.

Bev – “Me” Maybe if you are a good girl, I just might do one for your Birthday in October. Maybe I can write about our adventures in the wonderful word of Pogo.

Greg – “Inception the movie” Unfortunately, I don't go to many movies these days. I guess I will have to leave that to Greg and his fine blog, Depth of Processing: Movies.

Jayne – “Creationism” Um, a bit too esoteric for this writer. Sorry Jayne.

Randy – “Arno” That is a definite possibility, Randy. As you read on you will see that Arno and the other characters from my days at Koos Inc. are quite popular.

Auntie Janet – “Something about the family.” perhaps I could kill two birds with one stone when I write about the Vagnoni family recipes for Mary Beth and Patty 4-Names.

Jamie – “The plight of the middle-aged female in a youth obsessed society.” Okay Jamie, I let you slide when you spewed your hatred for game shows and the Three Stooges, but now you are just being sardonic.

Sharon C. – “Anything But Survivor.” Sheesh, another hater. All I can say is that Sharon had better stay away from my blog Wednesday nights starting on September 15th.

Michael – “People that embarrass themselves on facebook.” Michael, I am talking about my blog, not a novel! Besides, I don’t think that I am ready to write my autobiography quite yet.

Judi – “Ha ha ha, you know the answer…Koos Inc.” Stay tuned Judi, you and Randy just might be getting your wish sooner than you think.

Pat – “Wisconsin Badger Football” Believe it or not, this one might be tough for me, but for that reason alone I might have to give it a shot this fall.

Sharon B. – “Frivolous Lawsuits” I don’t know Sharon, this might be a bit too controversial for me. Having seen way too many episodes of Judge Judy, The People’s Court and Judge Joe Brown, I know better than to get involved with any messy legal entanglements.

Both Mom and Debbie could not come up with anything in particular that they wanted me to write about. So I had better not hear any complaints from either of them…

Perhaps the most charming reply came from Julie when she said, “Whatever your heart tells you to blog about.” So that’s what I am going to do. But you will have to wait until Wednesday to see just what my heart told me to blog about. Something tells me that Randy and Judi will be pleased. Until then…from the booth.


Julie Schuler said...

Yay! Bravo!
And I like the group picture in your sidebar. I am featuring a group picture today, too. I'm all of a sudden very excited about group portraits.

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Thanks Julie! I saw your portrait. They are very interesting because of the wonderful memories that they can evoke.