Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Second Chance!

Back on July 17th, I had a book signing for “Some Kenosha Softball” at Sister Act Painting Creative Treasures. Initially, I was very nervous, not knowing who would show up or for that matter, what kind of turnout there would be. Thankfully, my apprehensions were unfounded. There was a respectable showing with at least a dozen Kenosha softball luminaries gracing the event with an appearance.

Among those in attendance were Pat Hegewald, Rick Flocker, Greg Czarnecki, Lionel Llanas, John Schwarz, Jimmy Gentile, Bruce Meyers, Kris Ray, Mike Matusek, Rich Salisbury, Dave Meier and Larry Rightler. It was a true A-List of people connected with the Kenosha softball scene.

Although I hadn’t seen many of these people in more than ten years, it didn’t take long before the reminiscing began and stories were being told. What had started as a book signing had quickly morphed into a softball reunion. Soon it was 1 o’clock and it was time to wrap things up.

With many of the old memories being tossed around, I often heard, “this should have been in the book!” or “why wasn’t that in the book?” These comments caused something very scary to happen. I started thinking, what about doing another book?

It was sometime before I left that day that I decided to write “More Kenosha Softball”.

All I had to do was to gather the information for this second book. It should be known that in putting together the first book, this part of the process took nearly three years. However, with facebook and the network established by writing “Some Kenosha Softball”, I hope to get enough information to put out its sequel in time for the 2011 Rotary Club Tournament.

In an effort to facilitate this endeavor, I am having a second book signing/softball reunion on Saturday November 20th at Sister Act on Roosevelt Road from 11:00 to 1:00. This will give people a chance to submit information and photos for my next book. That is why, even if you were at the first signing, you are encouraged to show up for the second one.

There will be forms available for your information, making it a virtually painless process. Plus, Sharon is going to make sure there will be more “softball cookies” from Paielli’s bakery to munch on. It has all the makings of a great time.

A number of Kenosha softball dignitaries have already indicated they will be showing up. Names like Leon Rosko, Craig Stewart, Jimmy Stevens, Bruce Edmark and Chris Wade have all hinted at making an appearance. On top of that, Pat Hegewald, Jimmy Gentile and John Schwarz could be making return performances.

You don’t want to miss out on this event, it’s your second chance! Stop by, get your book signed, have a cookie, reminisce about the good old days and make sure you get your information in so that you and tour team are a part of “More Kenosha Softball”.

The fun starts at 11:00 Saturday at Sister Act located at 3816 Roosevelt Road. You know, over by Clay’s Tap. (The best way to tell someone from Kenosha how to find a place is to tell them what bar is nearby) Don’t miss your second chance!

Until next time…from the booth.


Sue said...

Come all you Kenosha Softball Fans - get along to Sister Act (No not the movie) Painting Creative Treasures over by Clay's Tap so that Paul may get lots more info for his second book which I am sure will be better than the first. (Not even knowing about Softball I really enjoyed the book - funny as well as informative).

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Thank you Sue! Would you like to be my agent?

Sue said...

I am sure you don't need one Paul. Hope tomorrow goes well and you get lots more info for the second book. Hope you haven't forgotten that at some point you were going to tell some more stories of Koos and Arno !

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

I will keep that promise, Sue. Maybe as soon as next week. I think that Survivor is going to be a "recap" show. It usually happens around the holidays.