Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Teacher? Really?!?

Tonight’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua was interesting, Very interesting and at the same time, sad. I will do things backwards tonight and let you know right away that Marty was the tenth person voted off. He now joins Alina and is the second member of the jury. I can’t wait to see his performance at the final Tribal Council. The man can talk, often way too much. It was probably his chronic case of diarrhea of the mouth that helped earn him his exit.

That was somewhat interesting, but it wasn’t sad. I will get to that in a bit.

Another interesting aspect of tonight’s show was that I was able to place the remaining ten competitors into four separate categories. Figuring these people out was something that I struggled with earlier this season.

Not any more.

Fabio and Benry are the only two that qualify as LIKEABLE. They are both decent fellows and play the game hard. The interesting thing about Fabio is that he isn’t as dumb as he appears.

At one point, while discussing strategy with Benry, he said “I hate to play stupid so much, but it’s the smartest thing to do right now.” The dude is crazy like a fox.

Purple Kelly, Dan and Chase fall into the WHO CARES group. Chase proved that he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer when he chose to back the women’s team during the Reward Challenge and missed out on the reward.

Dan is just useless. I don’t think he even wants to be there anymore. And am I the only one that thinks that he may have soiled himself going down that second zip line during the reward?

Purple Kelly is just another pretty face who isn’t quite snotty enough to be moved into the next group. That bunch is special.

The UNLIKEABLE classification is made up of Sash, Brenda, Holly and Jane. Holly and Jane are in this group for basically the same reason – they are a couple of bitter old ladies. They only difference is that Jane has Holly by twelve years. And she don’t shut up.

Sash and Brenda deserve this rank because they are both power mad. They are more concerned with being in charge than they are in winning the game. If they don’t watch out they will be a part of the jury sooner than they would like. That would be fine with me.

If you recall, I said that there were ten remaining competitors that I put into four categories. I also said that I found something very interesting and at the same time sad. I can satisfy all those statements with three letters.


She is in a group all by herself. It’s titled – DESPICABLE. This woman is a foul-mouthed, nasty human being. Or should I say, “Humanitarian” as she so eloquently butchered the English language during Tribal Council.

After a particularly profane tirade during Tribal Council, veteran host Jeff Probst marveled that she was still alive in the game. She simply justified talking the way she does and being a rotten thief by saying, “This is what I am.”

Nay Stealing From Her Own Tribe

Nice. That makes it all okay.

Pretty interesting, huh? Oh ya, the sad part. Nay is a Physical Education Teacher in Los Angeles. That’s right, this poor excuse for a “Humanitarian” is someone who teaches children. I’ll say it again. A teacher? Really?!?

I’m going to be sad until next time…from the booth.


Sue said...

Oh my oh my. To be honest at this point in time they all sound like they deserve to be together. Fabio does sound like he is the 'clever' one. Nay a physical education teacher ? Is that true ?

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Yes Sue, sad but true. She is rotten and she teaches the youth of America!

Alaska Karen said...

I am still laughing over last week's "dirt squirrel" comment. Hilarious.
Not so funny is what you mentioned Paul, and what i have been appalled at since the start of the show; The Little Nasty is a P.E. teacher...
I also don't give Fabio too much intelligence credit. I think he thinks he is playing dumb. My guess is that there is not so much playing going on there...
One new aspect to this season in the amount of talking that goes on at Tribal Council. PLEASE JEFF, STOP IT. There seems to be very little going on the rest of the show. At least there are now two challenges instead of a combined one.
The preview made it look like there was some horrific scene coming up. My guess is that the chickens are cacciatore.
Wonder if a challenge will ever come up that is going to push Dan and his knee to the limit? He seems so detached from the whole "game."
Hope next week steps up and keeps me interested for the whole show. I use to really look forward to Survivor...

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Hey Alaska Karen!

Yes, it is appalling that Nay is a teacher.

I think I like Fabio because most of this season's "cast" is unlikeable.

I made the same observation about Tribal Council. These people don't shut up!

Hopefully next week WILL have something dramatic and the coming attraction isn't just a tease.

Leplume said...

I'm with Alaska Karen there. I use to look forward to this show so much and this season I can barely remember to tune in! And I found myself channel surfing during the show...not during the commercials, mind you, during the show itself. There is no one on here who is clever or a mastermind or even a strong man or likeable. They pale by comparison to even the worst of all the last seasons combined. I'm disappointed in this season.

Maybe Russell can make a guest appearance. Just to shake 'em up a bit? I can dream, can't I?

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Russell, mmmmmmm…