Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Long Live The Queen

Tonight, Survivor: Nicaragua was chock-full of memorable quotes. There were so many quotable moments, I could have written down a dozen. The top five made it to my note pad, but there was one that stood head and shoulders above the rest. And it was epic!

The opening credits had yet to be shown and smug little Brenda was busy pontificating on how she and Sash held the most power and controlled the game. Then she said it. “Sash and I are looked at as King and Queen, but he is more of a Queen and I am the King!”

Please keep that quotation in mind as I present the other four gems.

Chase, Fabio, Purple Kelly, Nay and Jane easily won the Reward Challenge and were swept away in a helicopter for an afternoon of “volcano-surfing”, pizza, brownies and soft drinks.

Standing at the top of a huge pile of volcanic ash, Fabio blurted out, “When they said volcano-surfing, wow. That blew my mind, dude!” He then proceeded to slide down the volcano on a makeshift surfboard. Jeff Spicoli would have been proud.

That was quote number two. Number three came moments later. It was sort of a combo-quote.

As they were sitting around enjoying their pizza feast, Chase made this observation to Purple Kelly, “You know, you never talk.” To which she replied, “Ya, I know it’s weird, huh?” Can you say space cadet?

The fourth quote also involved the hunky Chase. Upon returning to camp after the reward, Chase made a beeline to Brenda, filling her in on the others plan to vote her off.

Noticing Chase’s namby-pamby actions, Benry simply shook his head in disbelief and said, “Hopefully Chase will grow a pair and vote Brenda out.” Only time would tell.

King Brenda herself made the fifth and final noteworthy remark.

When it finally sunk in that there was indeed an uprising among her minions, she tossed her raven locks back and declared, “It looks as if operation takeout Brenda is in place and it really annoys me!” I think she may have stamped her foot as well, but I’m not quite sure.

At Tribal Council, King Brenda wasted no time in confronting Nay about being the leader of the insurrection. Nay, stammered for a bit until Jeff Probst pressured her for an answer. She promptly put the blame on Chase, who made a feeble attempt to pledge his undying allegiance to King Brenda. More bickering and lying ensued.

It finally came time to vote.

After everyone had placed their vote, Probst made the required announcement that now is the time if anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and wants to use it should do so.

Having earlier discussed with Sash the possibility of him giving her his Hidden Immunity Idol, King Brenda stared into his eyes, almost pleading. He peered back and said nothing. Probst then read the votes.

One vote for Benry and another for Nay. The other eight ALL went to King Brenda. The King was dead. Long live the Queen.

It should be noted that during the closing credits it is revealed how everyone voted. Of course Brenda had voted for Nay, but it was the air-headed Purple Kelly who cast the vote for Benry. Chase the windsock and Queen Sash has both voted against the King.

The coming attractions showed Nay acting up again, so I can’t wait for next week. Until next time…from the booth.


Sue said...

Well written Paul, again ! Perhaps next week we will have the 'princes' and 'princesses' joining in. Nay - now I wonder when they will all realise?

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Sue, I can't wait to see what Nay is up to next week. It was almost scary to see her behaving herself last night. It didn't seem natural…