Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Perhaps I have been watching Survivor too long. Maybe 22 seasons is a bit much. Or, possibly I have become jaded with the award winning reality show. All I know is that for the past six weeks there has been absolutely no suspense at Tribal Council. Sure, Jeff Probst gets Special Agent Phil to act like a moronic buffoon and the Furry Farmer usually says something that is unrecognizable to most human beings, but in the end you know exactly who is being voted off and sent to Redemption Island. Things have become quite mundane and downright boring!

Even with the “twist” tonight, everyone knew that Steve was also going with the Furry Farmer to join Matt and Mike on Redemption Island. Was there ever a doubt? Not in my mind.

By the way Probst, your little trick isn’t working. No one is fooled when you first read all of the votes for the person that you want us to believe could possibly be voted off. Then the remainder of the votes are for the person that everyone knows is going home.

You have done this religiously the last four or five weeks. Boring!

Being a longtime Survivor Geek, I still feel compelled to continue watching, but enough is enough. Boston Rob and his gang of mindless zombies are getting the best of me. I swear that if I hear one of them say, “Boston Rob’s so smart” one more time, I will scream.

Rather than boring you even more by continuing to rant about how bored, I will do a quick recap of season 22. With eleven episodes in the book, there are only two more Wednesdays left before the big finale on Sunday, May 15.

Remaining on Redemption Island are Matt, Mike, Steve and the Furry Farmer. The only one out of this group to have a remote chance of getting back in the game is Mike. He has plenty of smarts and does very well in challenges.

It would be extremely interesting to see Matt do something, but he is totally spent emotionally. It’s a dirty shame, I think the thought of him returning tightens Boston Rob’s sphincter.

Then there are the six left from the old Ometepe tribe and it’s time for them to start slitting each other’s throats. Now that I think of it, that might just be interesting.

The only thing is they are so unlikeable; I have a real hard time rooting for any of them. Let’s see if I can come up with somebody to pull for.

It certainly won’t be Natalie. She is too much of a whiney little snitch and often has that deer in the headlights look on her face, especially when Boston Rob is around.

Ashley is quite similar to Natalie, only not nearly as dim. Plus, she does fill out her bikini bottom quite nicely, but I guess that’s not enough. Heavy sigh…

Special Agent Phillip was entertaining for most of the season, however he just acts weird now and in a very bizarre, tiresome manner. I want him to go away and take his pink skivvies with him.

Boston Rob doesn’t need anyone pulling for him; the title of Sole Survivor is his too win. He’s just so damn cocky and that stupid accent of his…

That leaves only Andrea and Grant to choose from. Although she is from Wisconsin, Andrea is easily the most annoying, sickening competitors there is this season.

Someone should tell her that she is from Random Lake, Wisconsin not the San Fernando Valley in California. Like for sure, you know what I mean?

The only thing more irritating than the way she talks is her facial expressions. I don’t know which is worse, when she is nodding mindlessly in agreement with Boston Rob or when she scrunches up her nose and looks like she is annoyed for absolutely no reason at all.

I guess that leaves me with just Grant to support. He really hasn’t done anything obnoxious or stupid and he was the sole person with big enough cojones to eat the fish even though Boston Rob told all his disciples not to.

There you have it, I am officially a Grant backer. Let’s just hope that he can do something to make things a little less predictable. He has to, I can’t handle any more boring Survivor.

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Leplume said...

Oh, know deep down that Grant isn't going to do anything. He will hang onto Rob's coat tails until Rob tells the dimwitted bimbos to vote Grant out and then he'll be gone. I'm with you on the "boring" thing though. When did this show suddenly become a place where literally EVERYONE decides to fly under the radar. No one is willing to make any strategic moves. Even Rob's conniving has become usual and expected. Nothing ever happens in this season. I wish Russell had been able to hang around because at least he might have been interesting to watch in his predictability. And how are any of them claiming to be starving? They eat all the time.

Matt is toast but I'm hopeful he hangs on. If only to see Rob's face when he comes back. The "twist" was stupid with a capital S! Hopefully, next week, they'll start eating their own and that may be worth watching.

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

I know, FSG Mary Beth, but a guy can wish. I just hope that Andrea gets hers real soon. Arghhhhh!

sue said...

Boring it has been - and I don't mean your blog Paul - the blog has definitely been more interesting than Survivor has (and I don't get to see it!). The most interesting thing has been your blog illustration photos - what a cute baby (shame about the red and white hat tho!). Let us hope that the next season of Survivor goes back to how it used to be (and on a Thursday night).

Gregory (Greg) P Turco said...

Well the best thing about this season is that Russell is gone. If only someone had voted Phil out the show would be so much better.

Rob is so completely in control, that the only interesting part is how he managed to mind-control his minons so completely.

There is a little too much praying going on - on Redemption Island though. It would be cool if Matt comes back; I'd love that.

The next vote at 6 people will be interesting, but not as interesting as next week's at five people. I'd expect to see someone coming back from Redemption Island soon. This could set up some big confrontations.

So I am much more hopeful for the rest of this season that you guys.

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Are you pulling for anyone in particular, Greg?

Gregory (Greg) P Turco said...

I'd love it if Matt would win.

The show would be more interesting if they could displace Rob. Rob is the most talented player, but I think everyone knows that.