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Survivor 23.11

The info synopsis for tonight’s episode of Survivor was, “Previously unseen moments shed light on the contestants and their decisions.” In other words, a crappy recap show. But knowing people would still be expecting something, the three of us came up with your Official Survivor: South Pacific Recap Trilogy for week 11’s recap show:

Mary Beth’s 2Cents:

Looking into my crystal ball…what do I see???? Hmmm, interesting…interesting…

Cochran – This young one will go far. He has the smarts to understand how the game is played and the luck to have the personality that makes others want to take care of him. The hardest thing for him to do will be to convince others to join him in making a big move in the game. He might fail at that which is why I don't think he will be in the final two.

Albert – Mr. Albert doesn't have the chutzpah to get anything going. He's transparent when he tried and Coach will take him out before he gets anywhere. However, he is physically strong enough to win a couple of immunity challenges so he might squeak in there.

Brandon – Little Hantz's day are numbered. He's outlived his usefulness and he can't compete in challenges to win anything. He's also a blabbermouth and that is the main thing that will get him outted in a heartbeat.

Edna – Young Edna is kindling. She will go up in flames soon. She has no place and the only thing working for her is her vote. Once Coach doesn't need that anymore, bye bye!

Rick – Rick? Who? Oh yeah....Rick! I dunno. Maybe they'll let him hang around and clean up the camp once it's all over. He is the most forgettable player in Survivor history!

Sophie – Sophie suffers from hanging around with Rick too much. She's becoming invisible which is bad because from what I've seen of her in interviews she could have been a contender.

Benjamin (Coach) – My pick to win it. The only other person who could take it is Ozzy and he's burning himself out with all of his shenanigans.

Dawn – Ah, my crystal ball says Dawn is leaving soon. Too bad. I liked Dawn. I wish she had more of a backbone but, eh…she was a good player for what it was worth.

Whitney – Whitney? Oh...Whitney. Whitney suffers from Rick-syndrome. She was bland and a hanger on. She'll be following Dawn out the back door.

Jamie’s Prognosis:

My recap of the recap will be brief, since I am wrestling a 22-pound turkey this evening. I enjoyed the recap, which I often don’t watch. I enjoyed it because I got some additional insight into a few people. There were some entertaining moments. I chuckled as Papa Bear attempted to guide Cochran in the ways of picking up chicks… by admiring their earrings and asking where they got them?? LOL…that was cute.

I was also not aware that Keith and Whitney were exploring one another in the biblical sense whilst sleeping under the same blanket as Cochran. Hmmm, kinda kinky. I enjoyed finally getting to hear Rick speak; “It’s a chicken…grab it by the neck and spin it or bite it’s head off”.  It was worth the wait to hear you say that, Rick. 

But most of all I became resolute in whom I would like to see win Survivor this season. Yes, I still like Coach. He’s my kind of guy, I’m sorry he just is. If you knew my dating history this would make you chuckle. I like people who are outside the box, quirky and offbeat. I loved his Hercules story where he describes himself as Zeus. I love when he says stuff like “the more arrogance you have the less wisdom you display”. 

LOVE that dragon slayer. But…I want Cochran to win. I do not find him to be nebbish, Paul Vagnoni . I think he’s playing good game and…he’s a kind soul. He loves animals. He’s nerdy cute and funny in a self effacing way.  He’s nice to other people.  He’s being strategic. He’s a fellow Survivor Geek, FSGP!!

The recap show really showed how badly his tribe of origin treated him, and that sucks all ye who are buff and bikini clad and are now watching from the comfort of your own homes because you got voted off. You may be beautiful but COCHRAN’S STILL THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope and pray for a Cochran - Coach final two. Ozzy who?? Now if you’ll excuse me, my turkey awaits.

The Booth’s Bits:

On Wednesday, August 31 I posted a blog with our 4-word evaluations for each of the castaways based on very brief bios. I thought that it would be interesting to look back and see what we had to say. Here are the remaining ten competitors – seven in “the game” and three on Redemption Island. I have added a comment on how our early assessments look now.

Te Tuna Tribe

John Cochran
Mary Beth’s 2Cents: Quiet, deadly, watch out.
Jamie’s Prognosis: Embrace your inner geek.
From The Booth’s Take: Where’s the pocket protector?
Comment: Looks like Mary Beth was right in predicting this nerd would go far. I think Jamie was just being esoteric.

Albert Destrade
Mary Beth’s 2Cents: Might be a contender.
Jamie’s Prognosis: Another Coach? No thanks!
From The Booth’s Take: Self-absorbed pretty boy.
Comment: Once again, Mary Beth proves to be prophetic. What’s up with that?

Brandon Hantz
Mary Beth’s 2Cents: HANTZ! Says it all!!
Jamie’s Prognosis: Enough with the Hantz’s…
From The Booth’s Take: Big shoes to fill.
Comment: Hard to tell how we felt about Russell’s nephew. However, you can see Jamie’s hidden love for him.

Edna Ma ­
Mary Beth’s 2Cents: May be too weak.
Jamie’s Prognosis: Yuppie. Doctor. Annoying. Oprah?
From The Booth’s Take: Too smart for game.
Comment: Nobody expected Edna to go this far. How did this happen? Could someone please tell me?

Rick Nelson
Mary Beth’s 2Cents: People will trust him.
Jamie’s Prognosis: Shave your porn ‘stache!
From The Booth’s Take: Rugged good old boy.
Comment: Okay, people trust this rugged good old boy with the porn ‘stache, but why? Maybe it’s because he hasn’t said more than four words…

Sophie Clarke
Mary Beth’s 2Cents: She could be great!
Jamie’s Prognosis: Looks beeeotchy to me.
From The Booth’s Take: Might hang around awhile.
Comment: Mary Beth and I hit this one on the head. Jamie let looks get in the way. Ha!

Benjamin "Coach" Wade
Mary Beth’s 2Cents: Oh. Please. Not. Again.
Jamie’s Prognosis: I love crazy “Zen”.
From The Booth’s Take: Act is getting old.
Comment: Okay, this time it was Jamie’s turn to look like the genius. I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

Redemption Island

Dawn Meehan
Mary Beth’s 2Cents: She will go far.
Jamie’s Prognosis: Older female, look out.
From The Booth’s Take: Pain in the ass.
Comment: The ladies nailed this one, although I stand by the fact that Dawn is indeed, a pain in the ass. A neurotic pain in the ass.

Whitney Duncan
Mary Beth’s 2Cents: Coattail rider, then out.
Jamie’s Prognosis: Blonds have more fun!
From The Booth’s Take: Could be a contender.
Comment: I think we were all somewhat accurate with our early analysis of Whitney. Combined we were spot on!

Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth
Mary Beth’s 2Cents: Looks like a target.
Jamie’s Prognosis: Dark and hairy Fabio!!
From The Booth’s Take: Target on his back.
Comment: Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy. Because of your horrible social game, you do have a target on your back. Plus, Jamie no longer cares about your swarthy good looks.

With only two or three episodes left before the big finale, here is how I see things shaking out. My head says the Final Three will be Benjamin, Edna and Cochran. My heart would like the Final Three to be Ozzy, Sophie and Albert. We shall see…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Until next time…from the booth.

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