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Survivor 25.3

Here is the Official Survivor: Philippines Recap Trilogy for week three:

Mary Beth’s 2Cents: I've watched Survivor ever since it debuted and haven't missed more than one or two episodes in all that time. I'm very familiar with the usual set up of each episode. They show what's been happening in each tribe. They show some conflict between tribe mates or some strategizing or some funny mishap or two. Then there is a challenge, which quickly gets us to the “meat” of the show – Tribal Council. It's an award winning formula and one that I really enjoy!

So tonight, no exception - we get brief scenes of RC and Abi lying around in their bikinis talking about the idol. Abi lets her paranoia get the best of her and she begins fighting with RC even though she's supposed to be her friend and ally.

She then turns around and shares the idol clue with Pete. (Who? Yes, that's what I thought… didn't even know there was a Pete on this show!) And then she proceeds to actually find the idol without her ally RC. Pete decides it would be best to get Lisa on their side, which is good news for the former “Facts of Life” star because she was on her way off the island prior to this. No one seemed to like her much or even need her around.

Side note: I really dislike Abi. There is just something about her that irritates me to no end and RC would do well to shake her free as soon as possible. She is dangerously strange.

Over at Kalabaw, someone finally noticed the rice box was missing a piece and they surmised (correctly) that Penner had the idol. Penner realized this and took Jeff under his more experienced wing. Jeff sealed the deal with a “four fingered” handshake, which he says, is not a “manly handshake” so it doesn't count!

The real action was happening over at Matsing. They probably should have known it was going to be a bad day when they woke up to find their raft had floated out into the middle of the ocean the night before.

At the challenge, tribes had to dive for puzzle pieces one at a time and get them back to the dock. Once they had them all, they had to solve the puzzle. Two tribes would win immunity and reward and one would be going to Tribal Council.

Matsing was already suffering with having only 4 people left. Angie, though blessed with a stellar built in personal flotation device (hee hee), couldn't even get the first puzzle piece, which was only submerged about two feet under. Her lack of strength and athletic prowess set Matsing back immediately.

She was followed by Russell Swan who, in spite of insisting he's a “strong player”, couldn't manage to climb a ladder out of the water setting Matsing even further back. Malcolm and Denise played their asses off in a futile attempt to get their tribe a fighting chance. Angie only took one turn but Russell tried again and, once again, he was unable to deliver. This time he didn't even get the puzzle piece! So, off to Tribal Council it was for poor old Matsing.

In the end it was a knock down, drag out between Angie and Russell with Angie trying to make them see that she “never gives up” while Russell, likening his Survivor struggles with that of his ancestors. (Really? He referenced the Jim Crow laws and thinks this is the same struggle? REALLY?) And he angrily challenged Angie by saying, “I was willing to die for this game last time! Are you willing to lay down your life, little girl?” Ooh, he's intense… At the end of the day, his intensity kept him around for another round and Angie was sent packing.

Just some personal observations:

Malcolm had the best line with “This is the goon squad of a tribe I get stuck with!”
Mike started bleeding from his face during the challenge from diving into the water while wearing a mask. If Mike makes it to the end without some serious injury it will be a miracle!
Philippine Fashion Alert: Lisa is rocking that Mom jeans/overly supportive lingerie top outfit. In orange and lime green, no less!
And Malcolm sure looks cute in those plaid board shorts (sigh...), just sayin'…

Jamie’s Prognosis: I was a little distracted by POLITICS tonight, but I digress. SO over on Survivor the scuttlebutt continued over the snuggling behaviors of Malcolm and Angie, who expressed both remorse for their PDA’s and restraint in their sleeping positions. They slept next to each other but not ON each other, so that was good.

Over at Tandang, RC was trying to have girl bonding time with her newly proclaimed BFF Abi, who is self centered, difficult, whiney, and doesn’t seem to like her back. In spite of this, RC and her underwire bikini top were sticking to their story! But there was a bigger problem going on in camp, and that is the fact that Lisa Whelchel possesses none of her “Facts of Life” character’s Blaire-moxie. She seems to have not an ounce of strength or leadership and can easily be persuaded.

And in Kalabaw news, Jeff Kent noticed that something was amiss… as in the decorative carving on the top of their rice container. He realized (gasp) that it MUST HAVE BEEN THE IDOL! Drats!

At the immunity challenge, teams needed to dive for puzzle pieces and right away, Matsing was at a disadvantage by sending out poor Angie, whose built in floaties prevented her from being at all submersible. They quickly fell behind. The best (worst) part of the challenge was watching accident prone Michael put on a pair of goggles and diving head first into the water. When he emerged from the water his face was all bloody again. Really? Michael spewing blood is really getting old.

Matsing lost the challenge and had to go back to tribal council, but I just want to say that Denise ROCKS! She is both a sex therapist AND a great swimmer. Go Denise!

Going into tribal council Russell had a big target on his back. He sucked at the challenge and he is really annoying. He knew he was in trouble and even threw out a Jim Crow reference. As they were sitting around the pseudo campfire he came out swinging at poor Angie, who looked like a bullied schoolgirl. She even sported a frownie face at one point. Malcolm tried to be protective, but their late night hijinks ultimately doomed Angie and she was voted off.

Tonight’s episode wasn’t the most exciting. There was little drama or suspense. If there isn’t a merge or shake up next week… geeee I wonder who will lose again?

The Booth’s Bits: This is only the third week of season 25 of the greatest reality show ever and something has been firmly established. Trust me, I have never missed a single episode of Survivor and have seen every twist and surprise Mark Burnett has thrown at us there. So believe me when I tell you that, like clockwork, each and every week three things will assuredly happen.

First, Mike will bleed. Just as the sun rises in the east, Mike finds a way to unwittingly do harm to his 50-year old body and therefore will start to bleed. This week he did it when he dove into the ocean and the mask he was wearing shattered, causing his face to become a crimson mask.

And one other thing about Mike. His last name is Skupin and host Jeff Probst chooses to call him Skupin when referring to him. Now, is it just me or does it sound like he is saying “Stupid” rather than “Skupin”? Maybe Probst is subconsciously commenting on Mike’s propensity to hurt himself.

The second thing that will occur each week is that RC will make me swell with pride. Okay, Mary Beth and Jamie, get your minds out of the gutter! Not only does she do an outstanding job of filling out her leopard print bikini, she is also a skilled player and a phenomenal athlete.

This was evidenced tonight when she boldly dove three times into the depths of the ocean to release puzzle pieces. I know, you are probably saying, what’s the big deal, so did Malcolm and Denise. And you would be correct. But, did either of them do two consecutive dives without a break? Hmm? No they did not!!! And neither of them looked so titillating doing it.

The third thing that invariably takes place every episode is the Matsing tribe losing the Immunity/Reward Challenge, and, I might add, they always look quite bad doing it. Tonight, of course, was no different. Matsing did not receive a fishing kit, they did not earn Immunity, they did not cross Go and collect $200. No, instead, they went to Tribal Council. Again. For the third time in as many shows.

During the Challenge, we learned that Angie is absolutely useless. Completely. Totally. Quite utterly and without question. Thing is, Russell isn’t much better. He possesses very little upper body strength and was of no help either. If it weren’t for the aquatic prowess of Denise and Malcolm, Matsing would have looked even more pathetic in the Challenge.

At camp, before Tribal Council, Denise stated, “It would be a ridiculous choice to keep Angie.” Then, Angie began to whine incessantly. Malcolm tried to console her, but she wouldn’t stop. This caused me to write on legal pad, “Angie is nauseating. SHUT THE HELL UP!” The next thing I wrote was “I wanna see Angie cry. So much. Is that wrong???” Well, is it?

Tribal Council was fairly predictable and, much to my delight, Russell did make Angie cry and then they voted her off. And that’s a good thing.

The only other thing I got from Tribal Council was the extremely annoying way Denise would turn her head very deliberately, make an almost grimacing smile and nod in agreement with the other’s comments. It must be from 10 years of being a mental health therapist in Iowa. I can see her doing the same condescending nod as she listens to some bumpkin telling her their farmyard fantasies.

Man, I love this show. I can’t wait for next week. Mike will injure himself somehow and bleed. RC will continue to make me swell with pride as she dominates the game and look remarkable doing it. And Matsing will lose again. And look pitiful doing it.

Before you go, make sure you vote on the Kenosha Pizzeria Poll. Don’t cost nuthin’. Until next time…from the booth.

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