Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some “Stuff” Changes, Some Don’t

Tonight’s episode went by very quickly for me, but not without a lot of “stuff” happening. “Stuff” like Boston Rob passing out in the jungle. “Stuff” like the Reward and Immunity Challenges being combined. “Stuff” like Russell proving to be prophetic. And there was some “stuff” that changed my opinion of a Hero, while some other “stuff” did not alter how I felt about another Hero. A lot of “stuff” happened!

When the show opened this evening, Boston Rob bemoaned the fact that the Villain Tribe was a bunch of do-nothing dunderheads. No matter how hard Boston Rob worked, the Bad Guys couldn’t build a decent shelter. And it was wearing him down, both physically and emotionally.

So much so that he passed out in the jungle while going for some much needed water. But not to worry, a little medical attention and a few reassuring words from the award-winning Jeff Probst and Boston Rob was raring to go. Wiping a tear from his cheek, he looked into the camera and said, “Survivor is my life!”

That’s some good “stuff”.

Next up was the Reward/Immunity combo Challenge and it would set the tone for the remainder of the show. Just like last week, the Heroes jumped out to a huge lead, pushing the giant building blocks much quicker than the Villains.

Then, just like last week, the immense advantage disappeared when it came to figuring out how to arrange the blocks into an oversized set of stairs. While the Bad Guys followed Boston Rob’s lead, the Good Guys paid no attention to J.T. and bickered with one another.

I have to admit, I rather enjoyed seeing the Heroes panicking and talking smack to one another.

More good “stuff”.

It was at this point I realized what a prophet Russell “the Hall-of-Famer” was. It was just last week that he opened the 20th season by saying, “Villains are smarter than Heroes. It’s a proven fact. Google it!”

Based on the results of the first two Immunity Challenges, that’s some Nostradamus “stuff”.

When they returned back to their camp, the Heroes were forced to do something that they weren’t used to doing. They had to start scheming, lying and backstabbing. And they weren’t very good at it.

It was at this point that Tom got on his moral pulpit and decided that James should not have spoken so rudely to Stephenie during the challenge. However, Rupert, Amanda, J.T., and James didn’t see it hat way and were united in wanting to vote off the whiny Stephenie.

Tom convinced Colby to join him and stand up for the oppressed Stephenie. This left Candace and Cirie as the swing votes. Unfortunately for Stephenie, they swung with Rupert, Amanda, J.T. and James, and she was told “the tribe had spoken” and was the second Hero eliminated in as many weeks.

Some “stuff” happened prior to and during Tribal Council that changed my opinion of a Hero that used to be among my favorites. Tom declared that, “I would love to tell James what a winner and a loser is and where he fits into the equation.”


Then at Tribal Council he replied to a statement that James made by telling him, “Maybe in your world, but I’m not from your world.”

Double huh?

It was at that instance when I realized that Tom had a certain air of superiority and sincerely felt that he was a better human being than James.

That kind of “stuff” changed my opinion of a Hero that used to be a big favorite. Tom no longer is.

However, the “stuff” that Stephenie did tonight did nothing to alter how I felt about her. Although she has always been an excellent player, her persistent whining and sense of entitlement have prevented me from ever being a fan of hers.

Like I said, some “stuff” changes, some don’t. Until next time…from the booth.


Sue said...

mmm a lot of 'stuff' happened in this episode it seems !!

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Yes Sue, a lot of "stuff" indeed!

Leplume said...

Good stuff at that!

Gregory (Greg) P Turco said...

I don't like teams where weak players like Ciree form alliances that vote out the strong players like Stephanie. I liked Stephanie more that you seemed to. I can't figure out why anyone would keep Ciree around.

The Heroes had an advantage physically, but that is declining as they kick people off.

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Greg, I agree with you about Cirie. I never understood how someone who was afraid of leaves could flourish in such a demanding game.