Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Picnic?

Same old, same old on Survivor: Redemption Island this evening. Matt wins his fifth straight duel and sends the lovely Stephanie home. Special Agent Phillip acts bizarre. Boston Rob’s divas continue to be air-headed and worship the ground he walks on. The Immunity Challenge reward is yet another picnic. Honest. Ometepe proceeds to win another challenge sending the Zapatera tribe back to Tribal Council. The Furry Farmer kept being stupid. And speaking of Tribal Council, Jeff Probst persists on being an instigator and causing trouble. Okay, that’s it. See you next week.

Alright, I will elaborate. But not a whole lot.

Matt, who somehow thinks God likes him better than anyone else, beat Stephanie in a game of concentration to win the Redemption Island duel, sending her home. After shedding a few tears, Stephanie told off the Furry Farmer and warned Boston Rob to watch his back. I’m going to miss that girl.

Special Agent Phillip continues being one of the strangest Survivor characters since Coach. He is especially entertaining when he goes off on Boston Rob’s petulant little harem of bimbos. I will miss the Special Agent when he goes.

Speaking of Boston Rob’s girls, when they are done on Survivor, they could easily get roles on one of those moronic VH1 reality shows. Oh, and by the way, someone please tell Andrea that she is from Wisconsin, not the San Fernando Valley.

Believe it or not, once again the reward for winning the Immunity Challenge is huge ass picnic lunch, this time complete with alcohol. I think facebook friend Patty 4-Names wasn’t far off when she suggested that Boston Rob’s harem might actually put on weight while being on Survivor.

Everyone knows what cohesive means. Don’t they? The Furry Farmer is dumber than a box of rocks. Wait, I take that back. That isn’t fair to boxes of rocks. And could someone please tell me what that big black thing was on his furry shoulder. I was waiting for it to crawl off of him, but it never moved.

Tribal Council has become the Jeff Probst show. Like I said before, he is an instigator and troublemaker. And he does it so well that Woody Woodpecker would be jealous. Then again, with the bunch of numbskulls they have this season, somebody has to make it interesting. It sure won’t be Julie. Unless of course her face finally cracks. Now, that would be cool.

The only thing that was out of the ordinary tonight was when the Zapatera tribe finally wised up and voted off Sarita instead of David.. That broad was so arrogant, she didn’t even bring her personal belongings. I guess she wasn’t expecting to get sent to Redemption Island. She guessed wrong. Ha!

That’s all I got for this week’s recap. The announcement of a merge during the coming attractions raised my eyebrow. Next week should be mighty interesting. Boston Rob looked a little concerned. Maybe his harem won’t want to be sleeping in his underwear much longer.

Tonight is the last time you can vote on my poll. If you haven’t already voted, make sure you do. The poll is just to the right of this blog. Until next time…from the booth.


Leplume said...

I swear, they're all going to weigh 10 lbs more when this season is over! I had to laugh when they were talking about what food they miss. I kept thinking, "Stick around, you'll probably win it next week!"

Okay, I have to admit something which shows just how big a Survivor geek I am. I was tweeting on Twitter, live with Probst, as the show was on. He's on there for both the East Coast/Central times and then again for the West Coast times and, yes, I was there. And you know what? He's just as goofy on Twitter. Clearly, he takes this show to heart. LOL And, yes, I am a geek!

Oh, and that black thing on Fur Farm's shoulder? A furry leech? A small turtle stuck in the cross hairs? LMAO! I have no idea but it was bothering me too. That and his weirdly shaped beard! Sheesh!

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Thanks for chiming in, Mary Beth! LOL! Probst just recently signed up for 2 more years. And did you know he is the Executive Producer now?

sue said...

Not sure what to make of this at all - cannot see it getting any better either (and I mean Survivor not your blog Paul!). I have voted too.

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Thanks for voting, Sue.