Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two Survivor Geeks – Live!

This blog is an experiment that I have considered doing for quite a while. Tonight I am finally going to give it a shot. During this evening’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island, Fellow Survivor Geek Jamie and I have been emailing back and forth, exchanging comments and observations. Tonight’s (almost) live blog will be a transcript of that exchange. I hope you find this discussion between two Survivor Geeks interesting.

Fellow Survivor Geek Paul – It really hurts seeing Russell getting eliminated all over again. I'm pulling for Kristina to knock off Matt at the Redemption duel. Special Agent Phillip likes Boston Rob!

Fellow Survivor Geek Jamie – In a bromantic way. Where does a man get pink skivvies?

FSGP – From Zapatera – Stephanie and Krista get to view the duel. Julie is cocky. From Ometepe – Rob and Grant. Go Kristina! Wait, what's hanging out of her shorts? Oh no, Matt is giving Boston Rob shit during the duel!! Crap, Matt wins….

FSGJ – I don't like Kristina’s negativity I hope Matt knocks her out.

FSGP – Kristina is gone. Matt wins a third straight duel.

FSGJ – YEAH GO BLONDIE!! Good riddance!

FSGP – Special Agent Philip is gonna make a move. Watch! Nice that he is comparing the young girls to crabs! The young girls from Ometepe are getting on my nerves!

FSGJ – I agree that they are catty. Phil has absolutely no game.

FSGP – He is making a good move working on Ashley. Stephanie and Krista are making it interesting at Zapatera. Steph is hot, in a Fran Drescher kinda way.

FSGJ – Focus P! This isn't a beauty contest. There are too many vapid young chicks in the game for my liking. Oh Shambo where are you???

FSGP – Come on! I know you’re digging on the Special Agent! Not much of the Furry Farmer. These Zapatera dopes don't now how to play Survivor!

FSGJ – Yeah let's have more furry Ralph. More food? WTF? It’s like Survivor buffet this year!

FSGP – I thought the same thing about the food reward! The challenge was kinda interesting. The Furry Farmer is a dope. “Your other left!!” Classic. Your boy Rob finally wins a challenge. Steph is gone, watch. : (

FSGJ – “Move to your other left Ralph.” LOL Uh oh… YEAH BAWWWWSTON!!

FSGP – Who will it be, the vivacious Steph or Krista? Ometepe are really digging that grub!

FSGJ – There are plenty of blonds to make up for her loss. Pastries?? Really? Where is the spider eating and the live chicken raising with everyone splitting 1 egg for the day! It’s an outrage. It’s better than Club Med out there!

FSGP – I’m sorry, Survivor has become “pussified”…

FSGJ – Say it with me! Rob is a Hall of Famer!!!!

FSGP – Zapatera doesn’t have a frickin’ clue. Have they never seen Survivor before?

FSGJ – I wish they had shown more of that sea turtle (I love sea turtles) I don't think this is what you’re looking for in the liveliness of your blog.

FSGP – you’re right, it isn’t! LOL And yes, Boston Rob is a HOFer.

FSGJ – WOO HOO! I think they should get rid of Stephanie. Krista is less of a threat. I don't like how this episode focused on all of this girl drama and pastry.

FSGJ – What? Sarita and Ralph are a couple? When did that happen???

FSGP – Sarita is a fool. Krista isn't bashful, is she? I thought it was a boring Tribal Council. Well, Krista goes. At least I get to see Steph another week.

FSGJ – Focus P! Focus! I wonder who will win on Redemption Island…hmm??

FSGP – I think it has to be Matt. He’s like butter; he’s on a roll…

FSGJ - This season needs more pain and less pampering. Go ROB!

Aright, in case you couldn’t interpret what Jamie and I were babbling about, I will give you a very quick summary.

Kristina lost the Redemption duel to Matt. She is the third person eliminated. Ometepe won the Immunity/Reward Challenge and received a bunch of goodies including coffee and pastries.

And finally, in a rather boring Tribal Council, Krista shot her mouth off enough to be sent to Redemption Island. Next week she will duel with Matt to see who is sent packing.

Well, what do you think? Was interesting? It sure was different. It’s 8:15 pm and I’m just about ready to post the blog! Please let me know. Until next time…from the booth.


Leplume said...

LOL I love it! Almost real time blogging! I love how Jamie had to keep yelling at you to focus! Great idea! I came into tonight's episode a little late but it was kind of a snooze fest for me anyway. You're right about the food part. I can't remember any other season getting so much food! All the other seasons had rice and water and whatever they could catch themselves. These guys are wimps compared to some earlier seasons. LOL

sue said...

Interesting. Funny how FSGP focuses on the women !! Am sure that is why you chose the picture - not because of those pink pants !