Friday, May 11, 2012

Points To Ponder

Like the graphic? A “good” friend of mine told me that it reminds her of me, so I figured that I would use it for this blog. Thanks, Patty. Speaking of thanks, I had better thank the good people at Absolute Computer Systems. Without them, you wouldn’t be reading about my pondering.

Let me explain.

This morning I was innocently surfing the web for a Detroit Tiger cap when my computer shut off. The screen went black. Nothing. I thought to myself, no, not this again! I quickly called ACS, even though I knew they weren’t open yet. I was hoping somebody would be in the office. After all, they bailed me out last time.

Office manager Tracy answered the phone at 8:40 and at 8:55, technician Brian was in my living room picking up my MacBook. She called him on his way to work. At 12:30 Tracy phoned me to say it was ready to be picked up – the power adapter was bad. When I asked how long they were open, she told me not to worry, someone would drop it off within the hour. Brian was back in my living room at 1:15 with a fully functioning laptop.

Obviously I highly recommend Absolute Computer Systems. That’s why I created an advertisement for them and placed it on the ride side of this blog. They are located at 8719 Sheridan Road in Kenosha. The phone number is (262) 942-8572. Let them know I sent you.

Back to what I am pondering.

As some of you know may know, I was recently selected to write a “My Turn” column for the Kenosha News on a semi-regular basis. Well, it’s every thirteen weeks, so I guess that’s a regular basis - just not often.

My first column appeared this past Monday and was titled, “North Side Syndrome”. In it, I referred to this syndrome as NSS. For those of you that missed it, here is a sample:

“NSS is an unfortunate disorder that has afflicted numerous residents of the north side of Kenosha, commonly known as northsiders. Luckily, this wretched malady does not plague all northsiders; many are able to lead happy and relatively normal lives.”

Evidently, some of the people who did read my column forgot to read that paragraph. Or didn’t comprehend it. Or chose to completely ignore it.

The paragraph that followed that one was the one they did read. And took seriously. Very seriously.

“It is fairly easy to detect someone suffering from NSS. The most obvious symptom is the afflicted person being extremely frugal. They are thrifty. People with NSS are exceptionally prudent economically. You could say they are miserly. Simply put, people smitten with NSS are cheap.”

Judging by some of the comments I received, this apparently irritated some people. Here is one such comment from facebook:

“Being a "lifelong" northsider you can only imagine how offended and disappointed I was when I read your column this morning. Hopefully you're next column will be more positive and uplifting to start our day with.”

I guess that person overlooked where I wrote “this wretched malady does not plague all northsiders; many are able to lead happy and relatively normal lives.” More importantly, they also missed the intended humor. I guess I should have used the tongue-in-cheek font.

Admittedly, the adverse comments did bother me a bit, but for every negative remark there were five positive ones.

Here are some of the more supportive comments made on facebook:

“You nailed it, buddy.”

“I was going to send you a congratulatory card, but stamps are 46 cents here on the north side… Looking forward to more of your writing my smart, funny friend!”

“Read it first thing this AM! You're going to have some “stingy” Northsiders upset with you! LOL”

“Great article today. The best My Turn article by far with the new group.”

“You are sooo sassy!! I love that about you!!!”

Of course hearing, “I’m proud of you” from a couple of dear friends didn’t hurt either.

My next column is scheduled to appear in the Kenosha News on August 6th. I’m not yet sure what the topic will be. That is something I will be pondering between now and then.

While suggestions like, “Hopefully you're next column will be more positive and uplifting to start our day with” are welcome, I’m not promising anything. If all goes well, it will be witty and entertaining.

Hopefully I won’t have to explain what is serious and what is whimsical sarcasm. If I do, I better develop a thicker skin - I don’t know that I want to start simplifying what I write. That wouldn’t be fun at all. Oh well, something else to ponder.

Until next time… from the booth.

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