Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Survivor Contest Results

Way back on February 6th in my “Survivor Time!” blog, I noted that Survivor: One World was season 24 of the award-winning reality show. It was also the eighth of my yet-to-be awarded Survivor blog. To honor these milestones, I decided to run a Survivor contest for all of my Fellow Survivor Geeks. I laid out the ground rules and announced these fine prizes:

On Sunday, the less than thrilling season came to an anti-climatic end with Kim, Sabrina and Chelsea finishing in the top three. That finish was what determined the very interesting results of the contest.

In fact, the contest results may be more interesting than the actual season was.

Remarkable as it may seem, one of the contestants picked ALL three of the finalists! That’s right, Jo had a perfect score! She chose Kim, Sabrina and Chelsea back on February 18th. This was truly an amazing feat. Congratulations, Jo, you are quite the prognosticator. Want to go to Vegas?

Here are the final standings. I have included the castaways they had when the season ground to a halt Sunday night.

1. Jo – Kim, Sabrina, Chelsea
2. Greg – Kim
3. Karen R. – Kim
3. Sue – Sabrina
5. Jamie – Chelsea
6. Patty 4-Names – none
7. Jeff – none
8. Alaskan Karen – none
9. Mary Beth – none
10. Auntie Janet – none

Karen R. and Sue tied for third place. They will both receive something for their efforts. They edged out Jamie because they both chose the nefarious Colton as the earliest castaway to be eliminated after week one, while Jamie selected Christina. That was the criteria for the tiebreaker.

While on the subject of the tiebreaker, the second place finisher, Greg also deserves kudos for his tiebreaker prediction. His second place finish in the contest was based on his selection of Nina. Incredibly, she was voted off on week two – February 22nd.

Patty 4-Names was the next best forecaster in the tiebreaker. She chose Matt who went the following week after Nina. Unfortunately, Alicia was the first to go in the big finale Sunday night. For this Patty 4-Names receives the proverbial pat on the back. Hey, Patty gets a pat! Ha!

Of all this extraordinary prognostication, there is one thing that I find more phenomenal than anything. As unbelievable as it was, it wasn’t Jo nailing the entire final three. Nor was it Greg accurately guessing that Nina would be the second person sent packing.

Something else stands out from all of that.

What I found most astounding was that Sue finished in third place and never watched one minute of Survivor: One World. She couldn’t. Sue lives in London, England!

Sue has been a faithful follower of From The Booth for several years now and has always commented on the Survivor blogs. She based her predictions solely on what she read in the Survivor Trilogy! Pretty astonishing, huh?

Her strong finish is an obvious testament to the fine writing skills of Mary Beth, Jamie and myself exhibit every Wednesday night. Okay, maybe she got lucky. But I choose to think it’s our excellent Trilogy.

Either way, Sue not only has the honor of finishing third in the Survivor Contest, she is now an official Survivor Greek. Not bad from a lady from England that has never seen an episode of the show.

Again, congratulations to Jo, Greg, Karen R. and Sue, along with much appreciation to the rest of those who entered the contest. I would also like to thank all of you who take the time to read the Trilogy each week. Don’t worry, it will return in September.

Until nest time…from the booth.

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