Sunday, March 17, 2013

What’s On WVAG Radio?

This past Friday free agent wide receiver Greg Jennings signed with the Minnesota Vikings. He signed a five-year contract reportedly worth a maximum of $47.7 million, $18 million guaranteed. The contract includes $45 million in base salary and includes a Pro Bowl bonus of $500,000 per season. The Packers’ plethora of talented young receivers, made it possible for the them to let this fan favorite test the free agent market. This freed up money for the 13-time World Champions to spend on resigning Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews III and B. J. Raji. So, good for Jennings and good for the Packers, right?


Not according to social media. The outpouring of comments on Facebook and Twitter was mind-boggling. The mouth breathers were out in force and the words “Us” and “We” were liberally sprinkled in their posts. Without going into great detail, there were two basic camps of thought. One was that Packer General Manager Ted Thompson was a stupid moron for not resigning #85. The other group felt that Jennings wasn’t loyal and was a pathetic, money-hungry bastard.

 Nice, huh?

It got to the point I had to ignore most of the venom being spewed on Facebook and shut off Twitter altogether. It was bordering on ludicrous. The dude is a football player that was often injured. He was off the field more than he was on it the past two seasons. I get it. People love the Packers. I’m one of those people, but come on! Really?

Unfortunately, the insanity carried over to Wisconsin sport talk radio on Saturday morning. Not wanting to listen to former alderman Ray Misner bitch and moan on WLIP, I chose to listen to Chicago’s 670 The Score. There I got Steve Rosenbloom reminiscing with the other hosts about emceeing the Jeremy Roenick roast the night before and how lewd and vulgar it was. When they started giggling about the number of “F-bombs” dropped during the event getting into triple digits, I had enough.

What were they expecting? He’s a frickin’ hockey player!

I decided to turn off the talk radio and listen to some Dropkick Murphys, Cranberries, Van Morrison, U2 and Thin Lizzy. It was theme thing. Get it? St. Patrick’s Day was right around the corner. Irish music. Oh, never mind…

While enjoying the music, I got to thinking. I know, kinda scary. Anyways, I was pondering what kind of programming I would enjoy listening to if I had my very own radio station. How cool would that be? That is a rhetorical question, no need to answer.

Thinking back, my pal, Pat used to have his own radio show back in the day, Instant Replay. It was on Saturdays from 11:00am to 2:00pm on WLIP and I never missed it. Even though it was sports oriented, it was really quite eclectic. He had a variety of musicians, authors and various other types of performers on the show. Because of Instant Replay, I was introduced to music and books that I otherwise wouldn’t have been. I miss that show.

Okay, when I win the lottery and get my own radio station, WVAG, Pat’s Instant Replay would definitely be a regular part of it. I would also include several of my other friends on WVAG. There are so many to choose from. Where shall… I start? Hmm…

I know…

Bringing back the tradition of old-time radio shows like “Our Miss Brooks” and Dick Tracy, friend Patty 4-Names could host the “Real Housewives of Highland Park”. It would be bawdy and scandalous. Trust me, this program would have to be on when children would not be able to listen.

I would steal TRadio from WLIP and give my friend Jim a full two hours to work his magic. That way he could incorporate an assortment of guests to help make this free radio rummage sale even more engaging. It’s not an easy thing.

Another friend whom I would like to employ at WVAG would be my Michigan friend, Sharon. She and her husband David would co-host a show called, “Muslim in Michigan”. I think it would not only be interesting but also compelling, perhaps even providing the station with a bit of notoriety.

A program that would most certainly be provocative would be “What Ya Gotta Say, Dr. J” hosted by my friend, Jamie. This would be a no-holds barred show with absolutely no limits. Jamie would have carte blanche to discuss any topic she wanted. Maybe I should be scared…

To balance this I would run a family oriented program called, “Britain’s Brady Bunch” featuring the Taylors of England. This show would center on Alfie and Elsie’s eleven children and their numerous offspring. The stories would be endless. I guarantee this show would make you both laugh and cry. It would be an international hit.

The last friend (for now) that I would want to feature on WVAG is my bald buddy Mary Beth. She is so multi-talented that it would be must-listen radio. Whether she was discussing Survivor, real life adventures about her job or even singing, I know it would be entertaining.

Filling the need for news, sports, traffic, weather and overnights, I would swipe the following people from their current media positions:

News – Bill Lawrence (1050 WLIP radio) and Vince Vitrano (TMJ4 TV)
Sports – Jason Wilde and Bill Johnson (both 540 ESPN radio)
Traffic – Roberta “RC” Saint-Amour (Survivor: Philippines)
Weather – Jesse Ritka and Michael Fish (both TMJ4 TV)
Overnights – Nick Digilio and Brian Noonan (both 720 WGN radio)

You may have noticed that there are no political shows on my radio station. Sorry, this is MY radio station, so you will have to go “down the dial” if you want that sort of malarkey.

I’m sure that if I dwelled on this for a bit longer I could add a program or two and make a few adjustments. But I’m not going to. This will be my programming for WVAG for now. I better make a lineup and let my friends know what time their shows will be on the air.

Until next time…from the booth.

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