Monday, November 26, 2012

Good Stuff

Yesterday afternoon I was bored waiting for the Packer game, so I decided to start a list of favorite things, preferences, fond memories, things I like, etc. You know, good stuff. Anyways, the Packer game pretty much sucked and I continued adding to the list. When I started at it again today I figured it was probably better to stop and post what I had. So far…

Kenosha Stuff
Kenosha Pizzeria – Pa’s Pizzeria
Kenosha Drive In – The Spot
Kenosha Bread – Cardinali’s
Kenosha Service Station – Aiello’s
Kenosha Restaurant – Timber Ridge
Kenosha Optometrist – Dr. Emer
Kenosha Bakery – Oliver’s
Kenosha Tavern – 400 Club
Kenosha Politician – Bob Wirch

School Stuff
Teacher (Grade School) – Sister Helene
Teacher (Junior High School) – Lorelei Allison
Teacher (High School) – Glen McCullough
Teacher (College) – Peter Pham
Priest – Father Oborny

Edible Stuff
Soft Drink – Diet Coke
Beer – Pabst Blue Ribbon
Eggs – Sunnyside Up (Grandma ‘Noni Style)
Pasta – Rigatoni
Steak – Rare
Homemade Meal – Parone Macaroni
Cheese – Mozzarella
Popsicle – Root Beer
Snack – Beef Jerky from Danny’s
Condiment – Ketchup
Pizza Topping – Sausage
Ice Cream – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Candy Bar – Dark Milky Way
Licorice – Black
Sausage – Italian
Hostess Treat – Suzy Qs
Pie - Peach

Sport Stuff
Baseball Player – Prince Fielder
Football Player – Paul Hornung
Hockey Player – Jaromir Jagr
Pro Wrestler – Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy
Pro Wrestling Tag Team – The Fabulous Freebirds
Pro Wrestling Manager – Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
College Basketball Coach – Al McGuire
Football Coach – Vince Lombardi
Baseball Manager – Harvey Kuenn
Football Team – Green Bay Packers
Baseball Team – Milwaukee Brewers
Soccer Team – Arsenal Gunners
College Football Team – Wisconsin Badgers
College Basketball Team – Marquette Warriors
Basketball Coach – Don Nelson
Softball Complex – Historic Finney’s West

Music Stuff
Band – The Who (Duh…)
Band (Runner-up) – R.E.M.
Band (Runner-up) – Dropkick Murphys
Band (Runner-up) – Queen
Band (Runner-up) - BoDeans
Album – The Who By Numbers
Song – Too Many Who Songs To Chose Just One
Christmas Song – Christmas Canon Rock by Trans Siberian Orchestra

Cinematic Stuff
Movie (Christmas) – We're No Angels
Movie (Sports) – Bang The Drum Slowly
Movie (Drama) – Cool Hand Luke
Movie (Comedy) – Slap Shot

Television Stuff
TV Show (Game) – Match Game
TV Show (Sitcom) – Leave It To Beaver
TV Show (Sitcom Runner-up) – Andy Griffin Show
TV Show (Sitcom Runner-up) – WKRP in Cincinnati
TV Show (Sitcom Runner-up) – News Radio
TV Show (Sitcom Runner-up) – Seinfeld
TV Show (Sitcom Runner-up) – Dick Van Dyke Show
TV Show (Sitcom Runner-up) – Cheers
TV Show (Sitcom Runner-up) – Bob Newhart Show
TV Show (Sitcom Runner-up) – That 70s Show
TV Show (Drama) – The Wire
TV Show (Drama Runner-Up) – The Sopranos
TV Show (Drama Runner-Up) – Northern Exposure
TV Show (Animated Show) – King of the Hill
TV Show (Reality) – Survivor
TV Show (Reality Runner-up) – Hardcore Pawn
TV Show (Reality Runner-up) – American Restoration
TV Show (Variety) – The Gong Show
TV Show (Soap Opera) – Young And The Restless
TV Show (BBC Sitcom) – Are You Being Served?
TV Show (BBC Sitcom Runner-up) – After You’ve Gone
Survivor Castaway (Male) – Russell Hantz
Survivor Castaway (Female) – Roberta “RC” Saint-Amour
Game Show Celebrity (Male) – Charles Nelson Reilly
Game Show Celebrity (Female) – Elaine Joyce
Game Show Host – Bob Eubanks
Game Show Model – Holly Hallstrom
Late Night TV Host – David Letterman
TV News Anchor (Male) – Vince Vitrano
TV News Anchor (Female) – Susan Kim
TV Meteorologist (Male) – Michael Fish
TV Meteorologist (Female) Jesse Ritka
TV News Reporter (Male) – Tom Murray
TV News Reporter (Female) – Melissa McCrady
TV Sports Anchor – Kevin Hunt  

Tuned In Stuff
Radio Personality (Morning Drive) – Bill Lawrence
Radio Personality (Late Night) – Nick Digilio
Radio Personality (Over Night) – Chicago Eddie Schwartz
Radio Personality (Sports) – Bill Johnson
Radio Personality (Friend) – Pat Hegewald
Radio Personality (Friend Runner-up) – Jim Selovich
Radio Personality (Play-by-Play) – Jim Irwin
Radio Show (Sports) – Instant Replay
Radio Show (Political) – Alan Colmes

Miscellaneous Stuff
Rosary Mysteries - Joyful
Wallet – Bifold
Computer – Mac
Job (Adult) – Lida Mfg.
Job (Teen) – Burger King
Vehicle – Dodge Ramcharger
Number – 73
Color - Blue
Season – Autumn
Time of Day – Morning
Day of the Week – Thursday

There you have it, a bunch of good stuff. At least to me it is. Until next time…from the booth.

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