Thursday, January 13, 2011


This just in, the two former players have been announced for Survivor: Redemption Island. Added to the cast are the Hall-of-Famer Russell Hantz and Boston Rob Mariano. It will be an unprecedented turn for Mariano. Hantz will be making his third appearance on the award winning reality show. Evidently the producers of Survivor realize what an attraction Hantz is. Love him or hate him, HE’S BAAACK!!!

Last year I jokingly said that if there were ever a Survivor Hall of Fame, Russell Hantz would be a first ballot inductee. Well guess what? There is and he was! Check out the article on to see how Survivor host Jeff Probst voted. Hantz was among the people he voted for.

A pretty impressive source, considering Jeff Probst is a winner of the inaugural Emmy Award for “Outstanding Reality Host” in 2008, a second Emmy for the same category in 2009, and the same honor again in 2010.

Here are some random observations about the 16 players competing with Hantz and Mariano.

• Ten of the competitors are from California. The other six are from South Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, Maine, Washington, D.C. and Tennessee.

• Andrea Boehlke will be representing the state of Wisconsin. The farm girl from Random Lake attends UW Stevens Point.

• Natalie Tenerelli at age 19 is the youngest female ever to compete on Survivor. Six others are between 20 and 30, four between 31 and 40, three between 40 and 50 and two are older than 50.

• When asked which past “Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like”, six and no answer or said they are their own person. Boehlke said she was a combo of J.T. and Parvati. Stephanie Valencia said “If Parvati and Russell had a love child, it would be me.” I like her style already.

• Each tribe features a former NFL player, Steve Wright on the Zapatera Tribe and Grant Mattos on the Ometepe Tribe.

What a day! Not only is it revealed that Russell Hantz and Rob Mariano have been added to the cast of Survivor: Redemption Island, but I also discover the Survivor Hall of Fame. I plan on putting up my own Survivor Hall of Fame poll. It will be located in the right hand column.

That’s it for now. Check back later to cast your vote for the Survivor Hall of Fame. Man, I can’t wait until February 16th! Until next time…from the booth.


Leplume said...

I just did a happy dance when I read this! Oh, now I cannot wait until this starts up again! I seriously cannot wait! After the dismal last season, this will be stellar!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

It is pretty cool, Mary Beth. By the way, did you vote on my Hall of Fame poll?

Sue said...

Well already it sounds a lot more interesting than the last series - will wait for some more descriptions (of course not of Hantz and Mariano) before commenting further!

Paul E. Vagnoni said...

Sue, did you read the blog prior to this one? It gives a short look at each of the new contestants.